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Example sentences for timeline

What sucks is when you forget to ask their timeline.
Have students look at this geologic timeline and read the caption.
Click here to view a timeline of the prison's history.
Maintaining quality standards while minimizing costs and timeline is the name of the game.
The website includes a timeline that puts this history in the context of a single year.
The long investor, such as pension funds, individuals buying shares for retirement savings has a long timeline.
Include a timeline for accomplishing each objective.
The timeline for the evolution of matter starts at zero before wavelengths.
Timeline goes back into your history of status updates, the apps you've used and the places you've checked into.
The real question however is how all this fits into the grander scheme and timeline.
Have students explore facts about wilderness and a wilderness management timeline.
Interesting article, pushing back the timeline of life on our planet.
Another well done feature of the exhibit was a timeline all the way around one of the rooms.
Focus on the timeline and the seasons for that terrain.
Illustrated maps and a timeline place each subject in the context of world events.
Fortunately, it will remain on my twitter account's timeline for possible future reference.
It does not push back the timeline for increased warming.
If one occurs it might add a half century to the timeline.
Timeline of select studies on nonhuman mourning behavior.
If a more reasonable timeline is put to progressive change.
But start going backward along the gaming timeline and the information starts to thin.
The species existed during a critical period in the human evolutionary timeline.
There was grumbling that he didn't offer a timeline for doing so.
More typos are popping up in books as the editing timeline is tightened.
Therefore, you also should indicate a timeline factor extrapolated from the development over the last two years or so.
And they recently redid the personal page to timeline style.
See the entire timeline, including multiple failed opportunities for prudent reform.
They are becoming more powerful every decade which is proven by the timeline of earthquakes.
Tell him what your timeline for the search is going to be, and give him a heads-up before campus visits.
At the close of the interview, be sure to find out about their timeline and when they expect to take the next step in the process.
In other words, once a project has been started, you can't change its timeline without directly affecting its cost or quality.
And on the periphery, it's easier to make observations that buck the consensus timeline of history.
Instead, the committee considered basing its timeline on economic indicators.
The story of government-funded efforts in space is a timeline of highs and lows.
They can also track the cycle's evolutionary path along an illustrated timeline.
Slide the timeline around, pick an object, and watch a little video to see how each technology was used.
Timeline of key events in the rise of social-networking sites.
Click on the timeline, and you can travel back to before you accidentally deleted a key paragraph in that annual report.
Within all these points of the timeline perhaps billions of species caught some rays.
The researchers don't have a timeline for commercialization.
However, no definitive timeline for the manned mission has yet been announced.
Now point me to one company or project that takes a big step that hasn't been over budget and way off its timeline.
Dance around the timeline, and your reader will get dizzy.
But a new book wants parents and teachers to rethink that timeline.
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