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Not timeless as in forever but timeless as having no time.
But it is the chair that keeps tempting me, promising some escape into a timeless moment.
Photons represent infinity, cause they are timeless.
Here are four quick recipes that show off milks, both plain and flavored, in all their timeless glory.
As we're all well aware, the best way to revitalize a tired genre is to add the timeless appeal of illegality.
The mask creates a character that hopefully is timeless.
There's something timeless in the sentiment of the songs.
Each will put you in close contact with the character and soul of these timeless countries.
But one timeless desert hazard has already become manifest in the current conflict.
And deer and raccoons and songbirds still wake every dawn to animate this timeless landscape.
In the face of our common dangers, in this winter of our hardship, let us remember these timeless words.
What is also wonderful is the timeless, evocative quality of the gathering leading up to the fireworks.
These are enormous, timeless questions, and only recently has our technological prowess become equal to the task.
His records are legion, his legends many, his stories timeless.
The images are done in a sepia tone, giving it an odd, timeless feel despite the jetpacks and robots.
Birds, with timeless appeal, continue to fascinate and inspire us.
For almost a hundred years, the canvas sneaker had been a triumph of timeless design over marketing hype.
Great pedagogy is timeless and shouldn't be tied to one particular technology.
The closest thing to timeless any musical artist could possibly achieve.
She represents a timeless, relaxed, pared-back style.
Instead, it achieves a timeless feel through its evocation of slowly mounting existential dread.
Ancient forests with trees thousands of years old may feel timeless to us.
But this pastoral, timeless landscape that nurtured them seemed outside of history.
It's the timeless, sacred aspiration he set for us as a people, as a nation.
And some music seems to express a timeless perfection--call it geometric.
And it should recognize that there is no ideal realm of perfect, timeless mathematical forms that embody the laws of physics.
The music is pretty timeless and emotionally powerful too.
These videos are from last summer, but there's a timeless, enthralling quality to them.
The universe should be identified with the mathematical model that describes it and that is in a certain sense timeless.
The economic slowdown is bringing home the value of timeless old-fashioned virtues.
Once free of its own time, the novel was on its way to becoming the seemingly timeless source of meaning that it is today.
The story used to belong to the boomers, but it's turned out to be timeless.
The themes that resonate through his story are timeless and cautionary.
Her music was distinctive because of its odd, timeless quality.
Livestock ownership and agriculture are timeless symbols of resourcefulness, prosperity and social status.
The results have provided a timeless relevancy of thought about how a life could be lived.
The labor leaders were starting a clock in a timeless place.

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