time series in a sentence

Example sentences for time series

As per the chart of the day, would have liked to see some time series data on the factors in a table.
The time series of brightness measurements for a star is called a light curve.
The key is to regularly scope in and out of the system in a a time series way of studies.
The further problem is this: highly predictable changes in orbital do not match the temperature time series of ancient climates.
With the longer time series, a statistically significant trend now emerges.
So then you tweak these parameters to fit a time series of climate data.
There's only one time series available to fit, apparently.
Prime-time series attract loyal viewers by their familiarity, not by offering a vagrant astonishment each week.
Effectively transforming a time series signal into its component time independent modes.
To get a statistically significant signal to noise ratio, the longer time series, the better.
There are a number of approaches to modeling time series.
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