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As with many golf courses, green fees vary according to time of year, day of the week and time of day.
We got back about an hour before sunset, which is always the prettiest time of day in the badlands.
He may be unsure where he is, what time of day it is, how long he has been or will be held.
Depends on how alert my brain is at this time of day.
Writing the same time of day, the same block of time, is a strategy that works for many people.
Also, your weight will vary depending on what time of day you weigh yourself.
And whenever the sun's brightness changes because of cloud cover or the time of day, the inverter needs to find the new optimum.
There are versions of this notion for any time of day.
The card is a city scene and is fashioned so the time of day in the picture is changeable.
They are not being given the time of day, because they're not doing things that fit the moment.
When the king had ridden a little farther, he asked the knight what time of day it was.
It doesn't matter what time of day it is, or even what time of year really.
At this time of day the weirdos were coming home from work, bellying up to their home computers.
He stated the time of day, apparently because he was recording the conversation.
The creature had appeared at dusk, an illusory time of day.
The answer: at length, at any time of day and in every way possible.
Even simple rate plans where the price of electricity depends on the time of day have had to be abandoned after customer protests.
The proportion of power from each source will vary based on weather, time of day, and daily demand fluctuation.
The level has already decreased by this time of day.
It was an appropriate time of day, as the entire shuttle program has entered its twilight hours.
It could also power price tags that change depending on the time of day.
Time of day, the specific terms and language used in the tweet, and the topics raised are important too.
The utilities will be able to cope, as long as they can set the charging price by demand or time of day.
The time of day can make a significant impact on the price of your plane ticket.
Price depends on group size, time of day and number of wines.
They've never recognized that pointing to their wrists is a request for the time of day.
Select a cloudy day or a time of day when the sun is not shining directly on the waterfall.
Depending on the time of day you go birding, you might also see one of the many owl species.
The selection of homes varies with the time of day and traffic conditions.
The wait time to view the memorial varies depending on time of day and crowds.
Club fees vary by day of the week and time of day, as well as age of the player.
Once you pay for the package, you can go to any restaurant at any time of day.
In some areas you can pay for parking, but the charges vary by location and the time of day.
The outdoor pool and spa area make relaxing simple and the fitness center is perfect for a workout any time of day.
Often there seems to be no rhyme or reason for a trend, and sometimes time of day and novelty is afoot.
Tornadoes can occur anywhere in the world, any time of day and any day of the year.
But they went way beyond that, to break it down by time of day and by demographics.
Both of them were several hours long and were broadcast on the same day and same time of day as the original event.
Even when cut off from external light and temperature cues that reveal the time of day, they slip out of alignment only gradually.
The time of day of visibility shifts throughout the year.
If he doesn't speak the truth, then his barbs have no sting and he isn't worth the time of day.
But none of this matters if the media won't grant you the time of day.
The dynamic screens allow marketers to fine-tune their messages, depending on the time of day.
When calling, please report the address of the problem site and the time of day the problem occurred.
Some technologies cut both ways, depending on the time of day.
The episodes typically occur at the same time of day, but less frequently than once a week.
They have discovered a serum that can transform them into monsters at any time of day or night.
The director depended as much on camera angle, setting, time of day and time of year as on acting.

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