time limit in a sentence

Example sentences for time limit

The unconscious, at all events, knows no time limit.
If he goes over the time limit, he is penalized ten points per extra minute.
The demise of the sun strikes me as a drop dead end time limit.
There was no need for them to establish residence, and no time limit to ownership.
The time limit ensures that the drugs are completely out of the patients system.
Someone has to keep speakers within a certain time limit so they all get a chance to talk.
If you don't enforce the time limit, they won't practice for it, and they'll ramble on forever.
Thirdly, unlike graduate education, there is no time limit on achieving an undergraduate degree.
They really put a time limit on you without the pretenses of being a minion of the grad system.
Ratcheting up the time limit on a regular basis becomes a reasonable way of approximating that perpetuity.
It also sets a shorter time limit for filing grievances, and requires less external oversight than hoped for.
He adds that the law imposes no time limit on judging undisclosed crimes.
However, his tests were absolutely brutal and proctored under a strict time limit.
Most city-controlled meters have a four-hour time limit, and all meters have their time limits clearly marked.
Play proceeds until a player repeats an item or cannot name one within the time limit.
The board did not set a time limit for the repurchase program.
Time limit for response to appeal by another contesting party in a simultaneously contested claim.
If there is no time limit on municipal parking spaces, there shall be no time limit placed on accessible parking spaces.
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