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Most of the guys that are really good for a long period of time find something they're comfortable with and stick with it.
The place is pinpointed as an event in space-time if another number, the time, is added.
When a neuron fires, it cannot fire again until it has recharged, a time known as the refractory period.
Current drive-time predictions on online maps rely on the length of road and the posted speed limit.
Seeds of many plants can be sown directly in the frame and grown there until it's time to transplant them to the garden.
These woes, and more, are frequently sung in chorus for this all-time favorite dessert.
In cooler regions, you can grow them outdoors anytime except winter at which time you can grow them inside in bright light.
And during that time, the world with all its worries falls away.
Most tax specialists believe that the time is again ripe for tax reform.
And that turned out to be a good move, for more reasons than the extra design time he was able to buy.
If time is money and money is decimal, it will help for time to be decimal, too.
Trouble seems to come in waves, pounding industry after industry, each time for a different reason.
At the same time, interpreting such conflict as suggestive of personal gain, he rejects charges made against him.
The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.
The mystery of time and the possibilities of traveling through it raise some of the thorniest questions in physics.
Those locales never deviated from standard time within their particular time zones.
Others were conscripted for a limited time from local villages.
Scientists say it's the first time wild animals have been shown to call out their own names.
Best time to go outside will be between local midnight and pre-dawn hours.
The elusive fossa is a solitary animal and spends its time both in the trees and on the ground.
It's that time of the year when romance is in the air and people everywhere are planning where and when to plant the perfect kiss.
People may think that with the time shift, they are conserving electricity otherwise spent on lighting.
It is certainly easier to keep in time in a small group, or if in an orchestra if you can see the conductor easily.
Why it is time to end invasive biomedical research on chimpanzees.
Delay will allow time for debate on regulating potentially dangerous research.
Time holds the secrets that keep the truth hidden from us.
Physics may concern itself with the beginnings of deep time and biology turns its eye on the origin of humanity itself.
In this time technology has improved a lot and has helped a lot of people.
Getting time with the busy professors who ostensibly provide our main guidance is not easy.
At the same time think about your strengths and interests so that you can try to match them with specific openings.
The problem was that it wasn't trivial to get the position-time data of the flung birds.
Unlike our other senses, our perception of time has no defined location in our brain, making it difficult to understand and study.
But he was surprised to learn that such footage aired for the first time the following day.
Each is unique, and many of the time-travel tales contain ingenious twists.
If you don't have time, pre-made platters are also pretty easy to buy.
If people don't spend time with nature, they won't develop a relationship with it and be good stewards of it in the future.
It's not easy to think happy thoughts this time of year.
That's the job of reporters, and their job will be more important than at any time in history.
Of course, whatever outfit is chosen to take this on will have to wrestle with the universe's daunting duo-time and distance.
Kids should have time to think and plan and do things in their lives.
Nothing in the picture indicates place or time, though, and neither really matters to understanding the image.
And so the artificial bird had to sing again, and that was the thirty-fourth time that they listened to the same piece.
Most of the people in peace time were busy with irrigation and cultivation-except on days of religious festivity.
So freshly caught wild salmon is available legally for only a brief time each year.
But let's trust that this time the demographers have got it right.
The alternative, an intrusive pat-down, is time-consuming and unpleasant.
The books can be ordered, five at a time, from the main desk in the rare-book reading room.
Under time pressure, negotiators tend to rely more on stereotypes and cognitive shortcuts.
He needed things to be perfect, and it took time to figure out what perfect was.
They went out for weeks at a time, several times a year.
He wasn't sure this was actually the right time to put it on, but then again he usually felt better wearing it.
Becoming a street-food vendor is a time-honored road to success-but sometimes you need a helping hand to figure out the ropes.
Not all stock needs to be a time-consuming or even deliberate process.
There was a small window of time each morning during which the consulate would address visa matters.
Her friends seemed surprisingly unaware that they took their lives in their hands each time they ate with us.
It doesn't matter what time of day it is, or even what time of year really.
The human brain keeps time, from the flicker of milliseconds to the languorous unfurling of hours and days and years.
It is time to blame the electors for not doing their job not the elected.
Sometime in the future, a group of renegade scientists and technologists will take a time machine to now.
It's time to replace coal power with wind and, yes, nuclear.
Those ports are sealed for the flight until the right time, when they're blown open by explosive charges.
Time may not have a beginning-and it might not exist at all.
Search giant compresses the time frame of its results from minutes to seconds.
They also didn't have to spend any time filing email in folders, putting them ahead overall.
For more than a century, psychologists have used reaction time as a window into the brain.
No one can derive block time without extraneous definitions.
After all, the radio waves carrying the time signal must travel at the speed of light, regardless of the satellites' speed.
In that time, the gravitational potential changes in a way that should influence the rate of matter swapping.
Over time, less blood reaches the heart and heart muscle dies.
Most of us spend a lot of time talking online, but those conversations are scattered all over the place.
But giving physicians access to the right information at the right time could dramatically streamline medical care.
So cryptographers can use it to send a secure key called a one time pad that can then be used to encrypt a message.
He worked nearly all the time and rarely seemed to relax.
It's not uncommon for the final game to be a tense affair that spends much of its time at less than full throttle.
Lewis has been going strong for six years-touring relentlessly during that time-and she fully intends to stay.
Toward the edge of the world and beyond time, always but not necessarily forever.
The shy guy was a no-show again, and this time as the guest of honor.
One thing technology can't give us is time for serendipitous discovery.
But for the time being, the world economy was growing strongly.
Most of the time things move and change too mercurially to permit tableau effects.
His speeches and open letters are time capsules in their rhetoric.
At the time two members suggested it was a mistake to accept the job.
Most of those thirty-second ads are glib at best but much of the time they are unfair smears of the opposition.
Each time, it's the authorities that bail out the market, or organize companies to do so.
In short, a clock specialist needs to examine the clock to determine if the works and case match time-wise.
And time is our enemy, at the end of the day you have an airdate and you have to be done.
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