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It's the language, not the tone or timbre of your voice, that provides the identifying information.
The subtlest reason that pop music is so flavorful to our brains is that it relies so strongly on timbre.
It's not the accent so much as the timbre of the voice.
Your albums suggest you are a listener who pays special attention to timbre.
In the blues, as he shows, the singer's vocal timbre drives the emotional impact of the song as much as the lyrics.
It's more the particulars of the combat, or even the emotional timbre of the quests, that forms the games' culture.
Her voice had a distinctively warm timbre and her natural vocal inflection was filled with fascinating colors and highlights.
Midrange instrumentation is needed to augment the singer's unique timbre.
But his voice was thin and wooden in timbre at the outset and never seemed to warm up altogether.
The unusual timbre of his mind is immediately apparent.
In audio, the result is improved tonal clarity and truer timbre.
Possessed of an unusually rich pop baritone, he exploited his virile timbre for all of its considerable seductive power.
Neither in bulk nor in timbre were those speakers suitably domesticated.
Her fresh and intense vocal timbre on these recordings is immeasurably moving.
But there is something especially ballsy about altering the timbre of one's voice for a role.
It can distinguish timbre, the difference between a clarinet and a saxophone.

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