timbering in a sentence

Example sentences for timbering

Fire suppression, timbering, farming and hunting have resulted in an altered ecosystem.
Some may utilize decorative half-timbering on a portion of the fa├žade.
Stucco with decorative swirls and contrasting half timbering distinguished the second story.
Common formal elements include half-timbering and second floor window bays.
Other important industries in these southern sections included livestock raising, mussel harvesting, and timbering.
Grazing animals, timbering, and cultivation drastically cut their food supply.
Decorative wood shingles, half timbering and ornamental woodwork on porches and along eaves are commonly seen decorative elements.
Larger scale cleanup may require forestry and timbering permits.
Ornament includes decorative beams and rafter ends, as well as false half timbering.
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