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The soaring timbered ceiling had disappeared under tiles fitted with fluorescent lights.
There is a den not too far away atop a timbered knoll sheltered by overhanging boughs.
Other attractions include museums and galleries, a theater, the city park and a row of restored half-timbered buildings.
The old town has medieval streets with half-timbered buildings, open-air cafes and small shops.
The timbered ceiling and terra-cotta floor give the room a cool rustic feeling.
Good value attracts visitors and locals alike to its pair of cozy rooms, one paneled and timbered.
Surrounded by vineyards, the half-timbered building has green shutters with a brown-tile roof.
It lives in burrows in timbered or formerly timbered areas along the floodplains of streams and along ditches.
Livestock and grain, with logging in the timbered areas, are the major uses in the tri-state region.
Mule deer find shelter in timbered, sandstone canyons.
These roosts are invariably timbered with large, open-crowned conifers, providing easy landings and takeoffs.
Long-toed salamanders live in moist habitats, from timbered valley floors to alpine meadows and alpine lake shorelines.
More recently landowners have timbered much of the land surrounding the lake.
The timbered property is transferred to another public agency to be managed and protected for public use and enjoyment.
The interior features a large living room with a timbered cathedral ceiling and a floor-to-ceiling stone fireplace.

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He saw the dark wainscot and timbered roof, The long tables, and the faces merry and keen; The College Eigh... more
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