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Until trees are grown specifically for fuel, timber harvesting won't need to divert high quality wood to energy production.
Environmentalists prevent us from using down timber from national forests, so the wood rots.
It also includes magnificent stands of old-growth trees coveted by timber companies.
The big trees were all gone, cut by a timber company.
The article says these trees could provide a boost to timber sales.
The timber industry claims to be in favour of controls on illegal logging.
The first timber will be harvested by the villagers from this month.
Sanctions were only recently lifted on timber and diamonds and iron-ore production has yet to restart.
The timber baron sits behind a desk of ebony, in a palisander chair, surrounded by palisander walls and ceiling and floor.
We can all do our bit as consumers by choosing only products made from local timber.
The warmth of the tiled floor repeats in the sprouting section of timber bamboo placed in one corner.
For example, the agency lacks enough funds to draw up new timber sales.
But the technologies available to identify the source of timber and thus weed out illegal logs are becoming ever more elaborate.
Timber produces quick profits, as well as firewood for scavengers, and creates space for agriculture.
People around the world wreck coastal habitats through aquaculture, agriculture, timber extraction and real estate development.
My house is thrice as heavy as a light timber frame house.
They offer a steady stream of income which is often more dependable than taxes on timber or agricultural goods.
The culprit was the beautiful mono cultural timber plantations whose shed leaves poisoned the surface waters of local streams.
The forest is pristine habitat of a sort likely to contain some extremely valuable pieces of timber.
Timber companies continually replant forests that they log.
It typifies the changes seen in many western towns that once were sleepy backwaters based on mining or timber.
Timber wolves are soon to be treated as game animals in their main habitat.
Also, when there is no more timber left, there will be a huge crisis in the construction and furniture industries.
Below him, the water tore up the floorboards and trapped his foot, as if in a claw of timber.
Timber companies are publicly questioning the logic of protecting forest that spotted owls no longer inhabit.
It is by far the largest piece of timber in the building.
The island's lowland forests are being cut down for timber and to make way for lucrative plantations such as oil palm.
Commodities such as fur and timber also earn coveted foreign currency.
The country will lose timber revenues from logging concessions that will have to be canceled or scaled back.
But see him on the ground, dressing his timber under him.
Lamp posts and low fences of hewn, unpainted timber blend with the background.
And, of course, they are profoundly affecting the timber industry.
Such is the fate of millions of acres of prime timber--flooded in the wake of hydroelectric dams, sacrificed to make electricity.
Coal, oil or radioactive material is less renewable than dried produce or timber.
But whatever the reason, rising water tends to flood brush and timber that otherwise would be on the shoreline.
The central lobby features a large stone fireplace surrounded by couches and vaulted timber ceilings.
Recreation opportunities in these extensive tracts of timber are manifold.
Other park features include a wide array of wildlife and stands of old-growth timber.
Landowners charge a nominal access fee, and allowing hunting is good public relations for the timber companies.
The moose have gone back of the timber line, and the bears are out of hibernation.
Well, they have a point, but only from the standpoint of maximum timber production.
Timber and uncut diamonds are sources of export revenue.
Teahouse keepers and porters now scurry ever farther down-valley to retrieve timber from the descending tree line.
Their land was eventually claimed by timber companies.
The review was demanded by the timber industry to determine whether the owl still deserves federal protection.
Then board the open-air carriages, converted from timber-carrying flat cars.
So firm and strong was the tree that it was chosen as the timber for the cross.
And around all this new infrastructure, traditional, timber-framed houses will rise from the muddy wastes.
All forestry produce can eventually be used to make biofuel when building timber and paper reaches the end of it's life.
The family gathers around the fire and talks, trading stories while sitting on hewn-timber benches.
It's as tough as steel and sturdier than concrete, and it grows to timber size in a year.
Leaving the desert, the road mounted through scrub and thin, hardwood timber.
The replaced vegetation could be scrub forest and abandoned farmland, not presently being used for producing food or timber.
The timber-frame arbor shown at left covers an outlying patio on the same property, and it is truly spectacular in the daylight.
Timber harvests may not always be the primary objective for a forest owner.
Items to consider when creating a contract for timber harvesting.
State officials join timber industry in major storm salvage effort.
Always have a written contract for all timber harvesting.
Choose the district in which you want to find out about timber sales.

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