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Individual images have been combined into a larger mosaic and tiled for distribution.
It was an ornate space, with a decorated ceiling and red tiled floor.
Near the center of the stained concrete patio is a tiled water feature.
It is the usual mixture of mission-tiled roofs and palm trees, with a water fountain and a bit of protected wetland.
They are furnished, often tiled and were air-conditioned with electricity from soundproof generators.
However, multiple targets have to be tested sequentially, either individually or in small batches that are tiled together.
Tips include putting in tiled floors instead of carpets, or putting kitchen appliances on stilts.
One end of the quadrangle was formed by the ranch-house itself, one story high, with whitewashed walls and red-tiled roof.
The tiled floor was thick with dust, and a remarkable array of miscellaneous objects was shrouded in the same grey covering.
There were several houses with whitewashed walls, stone floors, and tiled or thatched roofs.
There's static and a pronounced echo on the line, which tells him the call is coming from the intercom in the tiled hallway.
Down at the dimly lit end of one hallway is a tiled bathroom that's been converted into a tiny office.
All are tiled and have televisions and direct dial telephones.
Those masterpieces-stairways etched into cliffs leading to tiled archways and canons-are visible only from the sea.
Nearby housing complexes are painted with murals or tiled with mosaics depicting stars, planets, and rocket ships.
The school is actually a lovely place, buildings of white-painted brick capped by red- and blue-tiled roofs.
The colorful interior highlights multi-colored walls and booths, stone tiled floors and a skylight.
Images are not tiled nor have lowered resolutions from distillation.
The main hall features a rustic interior with exposed brick walls, wood-beamed ceilings, subway tiled floors and pool table.
The upscale dining hall features towering light fixtures, stone tiled floors, candlelight and dark leather furnishings.
The restaurant features brick walls, tiled floors and a granite bar with stool seating.
Condos are individually decorated, featuring such upscale decor as tiled verandas and travertine foyers.
Make sure your images are not tiled nor have lowered resolutions from distillation.
The cool, tiled floors, arched verandahs and lush gardens offer a quiet retreat after a morning of exploration.
Guests can enjoy the outdoor swimming pool with a tiled flower design, hot tub, game room and fitness room.
During the two-year renovation, the mosaic-tiled fountains were preserved.
It feels authentic, from the white adobe walls to the red-tiled roof.
The setting features tiled floors, cherry wood furnishings, private dining rooms and an outdoor patio.
Rooms include tiled balconies with ocean views, air conditioning, cable television and a refrigerator.
The hotel features a tiled patio area surrounding its indoor heated pool and a fitness center.
Its features include a tiled swimming pool surrounded by a marble-adorned sundeck with canvas shades and loungers.
The counter-service restaurant features a casual setting, complete with tiled floors and stool seating next to oversized windows.
Tiled showers and laundry facilities are also available.
Casual settings often times include checker tiled floors, counter service and plastic tables.
Pets also have access to both indoor and outdoor play areas, indoor tiled runs and walks.
Housed inside a red roof-tiled building, the casual interior features hardwood floors, wooden booths and knickknack-covered walls.
The tiled combination baths have hair dryers but register as merely adequate.
Picnic tables are provided at each site and tiled restrooms and showers are available.
The long tiled hallway felt as slick as a frozen pond under her feet.
Most of the house is tiled, to bear the weight and friction of heavy electric wheelchairs.
The tiled murals in the covered courtyard, where the restaurant is located, were restored a few years back.
From there enter the garden which has tiled patio and then the best: a seasonal planted, extended garden.
We entered the building through a heavily built door into a tiled foyer with dim light.
On the top of another mountain in the distance was the town of red-tiled roofs, gleaming brightly in the late afternoon sun.
The sausage shops were white-tiled and had stone floors.
Before dinner grab a drink at the bar under a traditional clay-tiled roof.
Under the tiled arcade housing a bread oven as big as a garden shed, musicians unpack their instruments and tune up.
But a tiled kitchen counter is basically inscrutable.
Inside, the murmurs of prayer are accompanied by the tiled echo of splashing water from the foot-washing room.
The room has white walls and a white tiled floor with a drain running along one side.
It had high ceilings, peeling paint, and a brown tiled floor that sloped down to a central drain.
From there, you may descend the tiled stairway to the second level of the spa for one of many water-based treatments.
Or it was on the tiled floor at the foot of her bed.
The half bath is tiled with green plastic tiles, several of which are damaged.
The bathroom has a shower stall and is tiled in blue and white.
TV footage showed cars floating away in some villages and water reaching up to ceramic-tiled roofs.
The images will be displayed, left to right, in the order listed in the dialog for selecting the images to be tiled.
Applications which provided distinct components fit naturally into the segments of the tiled display.
The sponge animals are made of soft terry cloth and have suction cups for attaching to tiled or smooth surfaces.
The b option can be used to blend the edges of the image so that when it is tiled, the seams are less apparent.

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The coltish horseplay of the locker room, Moist with steam of the tiled shower stalls,... more
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