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Example sentences for tighten

It is no surprise that they have been the first to tighten.
But if some countries tighten too soon, this could derail the global recovery.
When oil markets tighten, another set of problems emerges.
The regime tends to tighten the screws when it feels edgy.
Tighten too soon or too much, and the recovery is in jeopardy.
Standards are likely to tighten further in the years ahead.
Tighten too early and you get a relapse into recession.
Countries with bans already in place will tighten restrictions.
In particular, emerging markets will likely have to tighten monetary policy sooner than developed economies.
Higher yields will add to the pressure on them to tighten fiscal policy.
Deciding precisely when to tighten is tricky, however.
Heavier regulation will weigh on the business sector and governments will be forced to tighten fiscal policy.
If you don't tighten it enough, the mechanism will be too loose.
The robotic tuning machines jump into action, whirring and spinning as they tighten or loosen the strings to your specifications.
There are a range of other adjustments to tighten up the design all round.
As our global connections tighten, the pulse of our planet quickens.
Compression straps tighten the load, while skis are carried diagonally or a board vertically with horizontally option.
The hook for the laces is too long, too floppy, and not placed well to tighten down to the foot.
Tighten connections and maintain any screens around the tank.
Tighten the durable webbing straps, and you have an overnighter bag.
Finally, tighten the load lifter straps to draw the load solidly against your back.
The idea is that when individuals and businesses have access to the right kinds of information, supply chains will tighten up.
When the weather turns ugly, a removable hood and powder skirt tighten up to batten down the hatches.
If it can be tipped forward, you need to tighten the back straps.
Also, unless your feet fill them out, the neoprene tends to bunch when you tighten the straps.
They come up high and tighten and the top and ankle.
Tighten the compression strap and hook it on your pack and on to the next experience.
In response to foreign concerns, the government has promised to tighten regulation of its offshore financial center.
State distributes grants to tighten security at smaller airports.
We answered a request to tighten some tent ropes, and then moved furniture from a nearby lobby into a remodeled office.
If he fails to tighten a bolt, someone down the line will catch his mistake and correct it.
You'll want to tighten your privacy settings to control who can see what.
Exercise may soon do more for you than tighten up your sagging muscles.
As last year's oil price swings have shown, markets can tighten long before a given resource is anywhere near its end.
As you tighten it, the stream gets smaller until it starts dripping.
Once inside you tighten various cords and zippers until you have a narrow hole for your breath to exit.
Forecasts are calling for the fiscal noose to tighten on them even tighter.
If they see more loans going bad, then they're likely to further tighten credit.
To want to tighten credit at the bottom of the cycle is bad timing.
In the wake of all that, he's been trying to tighten control of the country.
It also calls for reduced conflicts of interest and for regulators worldwide to tighten oversight.
Back then, they tried to tighten fiscal policy, and things got even worse.
And as the screws slowly tighten, all kinds of ideas start to sound reasonable.
Instead, he said the government shouldn't tighten fiscal policy over the next year or two.
With the nation facing austerity over the next decade or more, government budgets will only tighten.
Drying links helps them tighten up in the skins, which improves the texture.
Not scalding ducks and pigs with heavy kettles of boiling water to tighten up their skins.
Even the rich have had to tighten their belts this year.
Immediately the coil begins to tighten, the clamp to close.
She finally concluded that when dolphins swim, they first contract a set of muscles that tighten the sheath until it's stiff.
With a real effect, when you get suspicious and tighten the controls, the effect becomes more pronounced.
We live in a time when both candidates campaigned on the promise to tighten our belts during a budget.
So airline security already had to tighten their policies.
But it's a little vague, lets try to tighten things up.
Tighten the chin straps on your space helmets, buoys and gulls.
But the company's top executives did nothing to tighten the drug's distribution.
Even if supplies tighten, some specialists believe that more oil could be brought to the surface fairly quickly.
He told his panicky party to calm down, that the race had to tighten.
They'll try and tighten up the controls and the oversight.
But while churches become more crowded when people are hurting, their budgets usually tighten, and giving decreases.
Wrap the culture tube in absorbent material, place it in the inner mailing container and tighten the cap securely.
If air leaks around the edges of the mask, tighten and/or reposition the bands for a better fit.
Tighten loose bolts and replace missing hardware on tower and attachments.
Install the washers and nuts onto the bolts and tighten them evenly one turn past hand-tight.
Attach breakaway on mating connection and tighten by hand.
Mount on wall, level retainer and tighten screws to secure.
Securely tighten thumbscrews so that the screws tighten into the groove on the leg.
Tighten all hardware and replace any missing pieces.
Replace or tighten all wheel spokes evenly around the wheel.
Position gas feeder on new gas cylinder and tighten yoke screw.
Finally, another provision would tighten the current exemptions to the motor vehicle tax.
Insert the plug in the hole in the end of the bottom of the soap dish and tighten.
Tighten the cap to secure the cable inside the housing.
Tech workers may have to to tighten their belts again next year.
As market slackens, tighten scrutiny of your portfolio.

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