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Mine is sealed up tight in a far corner of the garden.
Activate the camera's zoom function to capture tight shots and close ups, then share your movies easily with your loved ones.
His other fingers close underneath and hold the handle tight.
Tight close-ups of talking heads build to full-page muscled poses.
For religious groups in this country, there is tight link between education and income.
My sense is that it has a lot more to do with the economy in general and with the tight academic job market in particular.
It also places such tight conditions on polygamy as to render the practice virtually impossible.
For years, surgeons have sought a substance that could create an air tight seal over a surgical wound.
Repeat on remaining two sides, then staple all around the edges, pulling cloth tight.
Progress is so slow in higher education, particularly in tight budget times.
The government's deficit-reduction plan may prove too tight.
But this octopus ain't afraid of being caught in a tight space.
The shaft had rusted, expanding in the process, and was tight in the nylon bushings that served as bearings.
Tiny flowers grow in tight clusters above succulent green leaves.
They aren't true in-ears, but the rubber tips form a seal that's tight enough.
Such people were limiting their chances for employment in a tight labor market.
Security was tight around the river for the demolition.
Alternately, you don't want the parachute to be locked in by too tight of a fit.
Successful experience with issues related to academic programmatic positioning in a tight budgetary environment would be valued.
Monetary policy had been overly tight in the early years of the last decade.
Yes, we've seen professional riders in tight formation, taking advantage of the aerodynamics of drafting.
Why they keep perpetuating this myth is anyone's guess, the answer depending on how tight one's tinfoil cap is.
It's such a tight fit that the stirrer comes back out of the jar spotless and gleaming.
It takes an inch of water a week to keep turf green, but if water is tight where you live, cut that amount in half.
With budgets tight and schedules full, counselors at two-year colleges must get creative.
In summer, upright stems are topped by tight clusters of long-tubed flowers much visited by hummingbirds.
Well, you don't want the dowel too tight in the block or it won't move too well.
The laborers who have been cheated and short changed by tight money.
Bright green leaves form a dense, tight clump t more add to my plant list.
Apple has staked its reputation on tight control of a few carefully designed, faultlessly executed products.
Once groups start to get larger, altering the tight interdependence necessary for survival, patterns of group behavior change.
Profuse blossoms in tight clusters at tops of stems.
Forms tight foliage rosette from which rise erect, branching flower stems.
Forms tight foliage rosette from more add to my plant list.
In late summer or early fall, bears tight clusters of dark purple-red flowers with odor of cedar and camphor.
M int relatives with tight clusters of small flowers.
Old green wallpaper darkened and enclosed an already tight area.
Then wrap more tightly with slender pieces that form tight loops.
Steve is amazing and really completed our place on a tight budget.
Tight clusters of medium-size red fruit have deliciously sweet, slightly spicy flavor.
These beautiful speakers can focus their beam of sound so tight that only you can hear it.
If you're pregnant, your cervix would be closed up tight.
If your coat won't fit over a suit, your coat is too tight.
Finally you do not want to make the security so tight that people do not use the applications, you have to strike a happy medium.
The race was tight this year, but we've managed to declare a winner.
The tight pants made the archives too drafty for him.
Tight relationships with its suppliers foster innovation.
It's kind of a tight gully filled with all kinds of hips and natural features.
Of late, state legislatures and executives have been closing their purses as they struggle to balance tight budgets.
The economy, which so often decides tight elections, has been doing well.
Diablo tapes his wrists and pulls on a tight leather mask.
Rational once again demonstrates the dangers of wearing your tie too tight.
Huddled in a tight formation, they wolf down bowls of rhubarb crumble.
They cannot be demolished yet, and nobody knows how long they will remain air and water tight.
Yet until recently all these data have been locked tight.
Step inside the tight quarters of the presidential limousine for a rarely seen view.
Accounting jobs are not as tight as other markets and that will favor you.
They bind the host tree in a grip so tight that it may eventually die.
The planet's orbit is so tight that the same side faces the star at all times.
Using potholders, screw the top on tight and let cool.
Exhibiting its main defense mechanism, a millipede curls into a tight spiral.
If time is tight, take a shortcut with frozen bread dough.
Divided into four test plots, the garden is an example of how to achieve high performance in tight spaces.
Starting from a long edge, roll each rectangle into a tight cylinder.
But the fit still wasn't tight enough to keep the fish and prawns on their own sides.
As its mouthful of a hyphenated name suggests, though, this town wasn't always so tight-knit.
They may look much the same as ever, their spaces filled mostly by shelves packed tight with books.
She began excavations two years later, braving primitive conditions on a tight budget.
The walls swoop in tight, then flare out, the rock seeming to flow.
They preferred hills for their villages, walling them and grouping their houses in tight, defensible rows.
Typography is a peculiar art, which operates with unusually tight restraints, but is also amazingly free.
Greenhouses for roses and chrysanthemums now crowd the shoreline in tight formation.
His more sober second thought was to keep the news a tight secret until he could take counsel and sift his options.
In the decade since they started, it has been an uphill struggle against tight budgets, political whims and local suspicion.
In the logic-tight compartments of my brain, my magic module had trumped my skeptic module.
There is so much to be gained from this type of mission especially on tight budgets.
Desperate to dull her feelings, she removed her belt, tied it around her neck and pulled it tight to stop herself from breathing.
That's where giant planets, even those that are on tight orbits, are thought to originate.
Today, security at the facility is tight, but the seventh-floor green roof is open for employees to visit on breaks.
The book is written in the tight, unforgiving tone that made his writing famous.
Yet, the prospect of landing a job in late middle age can be daunting, especially in a tight labor market.
In the age of tight budgets and rallying cries for fiscal conservatism, public media has not fared well.
In the early part of the twentieth century, people either ostracized divorced couples or maintained a tight silence.
Poems, unlike fiction, usually strike in tight shot-patterns.
Germans had perfected magnetic tape recording and they kept it under tight wraps.
Full-time positions are big-time headaches for employers on tight budgets.
With labor so tight, employers had to hire anyone who could hold a hammer.
He liked the camaraderie of an army of intensely skilled people working on tight production schedules at breakneck speed.
It may make for tight sound-bites at the microphones.
In those cases, we're comparing a central city with tight boundaries to a central city plus its suburbs.
With such a tight deadline, it became clear that more complex reusable engines and spacecraft would take too long to develop.
Which makes sense given that there are such tight feedback loops between what you do and how people react to what you do.
Believable enough, given the tight-faced smiling desperation of his practiced success.
Chili heaved and snorted and tried to maneuver his body in the tight-fitted, gated steel chute.
Filter the oil through a fine mesh sieve into a container with a tight lid, such as the original oil container.
If you need to make longer hauls, local air carriers are adept at dealing with travelers and generally keep a tight schedule.
The older generation preferred a tight-lipped approach.
But as money for the space program got tight, the expensive cleansing process was cut back.
They simply performed, with no thought of playing outside a tight, small region.
True cavers are a tight-knit group that do not readily share information about the whereabouts of holes in the ground.
Fill small paper cases with mixture, cover with macaroon dust, and set in a tin mould with tight-fitting cover.
Do not take hold of a nettle, but if you do, grasp it tight.
My teeth were set, my lips tight together, my glance unswerving.
We eat too much anyhow, and when you have fought your way through a tight place, you are the better for it.
On the other hand, the glottal cords may be brought tight together, without vibrating.
His hands are clasped tight before him, the knuckles standing out sharply.
He took her up form the ground, and held her in his arms for a minute, tight pressed against his strong-beating heart.
So he was left there, stretched tight in the deadly bond.
Pulled tight, they closed into this perfect knot whereby the devil's silently upbraided, and the heart sings whole.
Fifty white students are crowded into a too-tight circle.
It would certainly be useful, especially at a time when budgets are tight and the pressure is on to demonstrate better results.
In short, the job market is tight, and likely to stay that way for the next few years.
Unfortunately, after such a tight election, there is little chance of the centre-left delivering them either.
Faced with tight margins in a congested home market, they have been eager to step into a region that looks set for growth.
Only a bit, argue the bulls, because supply is so tight.
He may be fighting on behalf of the tight political entourage that surrounds him.
It kept a tight grip on the flow of capital across its borders.
With budgets tight, librarians are trying to resist price increases.
The cold rubber would not function as a gas-tight seal to keep the hot rocket exhaust away from the structure.
With a tight sweater and gel-smeared hair, he offers his body for only twenty convertible pesos a night.
Tight control of blood sugar may help some diabetics, but not others.
Schoolteachers are overwhelmingly badly paid and frustrated by the tight control of the school system.
Sprinkle with grated cheese and roll up into a tight, compact roll.
More than half the seating is communal, and all first-come-first-serve diners are packed in anchovy-tin-tight.
But unlike tight pants and pointy shoes, they got this right.
Tight budgets demand that purchased chemicals be as effective as possible.
They might engulf or shed their packs, or lodge in tight spaces.
To resolve the conflict, carriers must devise technology that can send signals faster in tight bands.
Maintaining tight security also depends on testing the system.
Modern jetliners cruise within a fairly tight set of constraints.
One thing that helps me is to wear tight fitting jeans.
Normally, heartbeats appear on electrocardiograms as tight, high spikes.
Similarly, antibodies hold tight to invading microbes while summoning help from the immune system's bigger guns.
While he's waiting for the patent to come through, he's tight lipped about its performance.
They suddenly become far more organized, tight, and calm.
As you can see there are tight geographical clusters.
Look at the picture: the rings make a tight curve across the field.
In other white dwarf news, astronomers have discovered a red dwarf in an extremely tight orbit with a white dwarf.
The receivers bunch to the left and the first tight end splits out wide to the right.
But the current tight-money strategy is making every country a loser.
Those who find tight quarters unforgiving to conversational lulls might do well to start by discussing the unusual cutlery.
He was dressed in dark jeans, sneakers, and a tight-fitting polo shirt.
His tight, purposeful rhythms aimed to push the soft-rock junk of the mid-seventies out of the mainstream and off the road.
Their images, typically in tight focus, showed suffocating swirls of shimmery crude and sickly pelicans.
And hearing a live band working in tight unison with a good singer is a reliable pleasure.
It's a tight collection of groovy power-pop material built on a good sense of humor.
It's harder for small businesses to innovate in these ways, particularly when credit is tight, as it is now.
Her beautifully made-up face rarely cracked a smile, and when it did, looked tight and strained.
We did the opposite and made them tight and short with slits on the side.
We hold tight our views of the world, shield them from criticism, and nurture them until they blot out all others.
Johnny's dark silky hair is held flat in tight braids.
And he's into this hold-me-tight thing, and she's captured by his goings-on.
When it rains, the hairs swell up, and it gets tight as a drum.
The tight connection between college degrees and economic success may be a nearly unquestioned part of our social order.

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