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If you do not enter a tiger's den you can't get his cubs.
But if a tiger wants to put its head on my shoulder and, you know, cuddle up to me.
Wandering round a supermarket-warm, gorgeously lit-corridors of open fridges full of tiger prawns and fillet steak.
All five remaining tiger subspecies are endangered, and many protection programs are in place.
Catching a tiger by the tail may be ill-advised, but catching one on film is a prized achievement.
Kids can print illustrations of tiger sharks and other animals to color or use in school projects.
It's the closest thing to owning a miniature tiger without inventing a shrink ray.
You've never been hunted by a four dimensional hyper-tiger, so there is no reason for your brain to worry about it.
Indeed, they belonged to a tranquilized two-month-old tiger.
So the name, with the tiger's-eye logo, is really all we're losing.
She created an exotic persona, held court with cheetahs and tiger cubs and installed a coffin in her bedroom.

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A tiger in a deep pit can be bullied by dogs.... more
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