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To train the espalier, the branches are tied to horizontal wires strung through eye hooks.
Find ribbon-tied packets of squares arranged in every possible shade.
Small boats rest on the frozen beach, and dozens of groups of dogs are tied to stakes near them.
We tied a rope to a clump of serviceberry bushes and slid down it, leaving the rope in place for our return.
Compensation has usually been tied to the property of land or houses.
In summer, she wore large- brimmed hats festooned with veils that she tied down around her neck.
Has anyone found a link that would show this cancer could be tied to these machines.
It was interesting how you tied the characteristics of a small town to the dysfunction of your family.
Use a square yard of cheese-cloth with opposite corners tied, if wire basket is not at hand.
By me the hemispheres rounded and tied-the unknown to the known.
It is tied down by fibrous bands along the lines of flexion of the digits, exhibiting certain furrows of a permanent character.
He suffered her to feed through the day, and at night tied her up with a vile rope round her neck.
Of course, those that were wild from the range had to be thrown and tied down before they could be shod.
As a protection against falling objects they put pillows on their heads tied down with cloths.
Price is the major obstacle, and if you're usually tied to your desk, the cost might not be worth it.
Unfortunately, these solutions are usually tied to a single appliance or system and depend on proprietary hardware or services.
The studies have also highlighted body reactions that are signs of this pattern and are tied to criminality.
It is reasonable to consider whether and how teachers' tenure and pay might be more closely tied to their students' learning.
More generally, though, the growth of planning is closely tied to the expansion of college and university administrations.
The success of every college is directly tied to the success of its dean in those respects.
Great pedagogy is timeless and shouldn't be tied to one particular technology.
Household wealth is closely tied to housing values, which generally appreciate faster in white neighborhoods.
There's also concern over a donation that was reportedly tied to the naming decision.
Internships have never been so extensively tied to higher education.
With so much tied to semesters, innovators who adopt open-entry courses may be in for a bureaucratic migraine.
The problem is that the public does understand when self-interest is tied to the common good.
For all of their anti-capitalist messages, the people who are living in this tent village couldn't be more tied to capitalism.
If you get tongue-tied when trying to learn a new language, your genes may be to blame, a new study suggests.
Snakes should go into a pillowcase or cloth bag tied with an overhand knot and then into another pillowcase that is also tied.
Organic agriculture is also tied in to the green movement, but for different reasons.
The ability might also be tied to disease susceptibility or other unknown and unstudied issues.
My rope is actually tied to a tree on top of the arch.
In his now-famous experiment, he sent a kite with a metal key tied to the string up into a thunderstorm.
Bundles of cotton, silk, or wool are either tied or painted with wax according to predetermined patterns.
Since all programs are tied to conservation efforts, the national park has blossomed along with the economy.
It is the biggest of them, and its currency is in effect tied to the dollar.
To eschew such tools is to fight terrorism with one hand tied behind your back.
But contracts, especially those tied to indices rather than single names, are steadily becoming more standardised.
By being practically tied to the dollar, both import costs and export sales remain in balance.
Its dollar peg, backed by a currency board, made perfect sense when the yuan was also tied to the greenback.
Yet breakneck expansion is creating strains in the banking system and in regional finances tied to a volatile property sector.
He is surrounded by more figures tied to poles, and others cowering on the ground.
Given that on some measures the national race is statistically tied, that might seem a little negative.
It will also begin trading derivatives tied to warm temperatures, and lengthen the maturity of its contracts.
Debt-ceiling increases are now tied to deficit reduction.
It's slightly more difficult to remember that he tied the game before that with a triple.
And, again, these proposals were tied directly to the dysfunctions they were intended to address.
Other loans tied to the home won't stand in the way.
And surprising for a show directly tied to a franchise with a ravenous fan base.
Our prosperity is tied to free markets and free trade.
Right now, these workers miss out on benefits that are tied to length of service as they move from job to job.
Surgeons tied off blood vessels and cut away torn and shattered skin, muscle, and bone.
When he did find it, he tied the end of the rope around its base and dropped the coil over the bluff.
They took away our stuff, tied us up, threw us in the back of the truck.
So to me it meant memorizing a sequence of points, usually tied to images, for the right balance of logic and spontaneity.
Paying off the loan will close out the last of its commitments tied directly to the state help.
He divided the rope in half, tied the two parts together, and escaped.
Part of the reason is that it is closely tied to our emotions.
The rudder is tied into the yaw dampener system which will be trying to compensate for the yawing of the aircraft in turbulence.
Wave functions are slippery characters, tied to probabilities, not certainties.
He's fifth all-time in receiving yards, and tied for eighth in receptions.
Bought a hawk that had fallen out of a tree, and taught it to follow a bit of meat tied to a string.
There was a picture of it which showed a lovely squirrel collar and a belt that tied in a soft bow.
They had on thick bathrobes and their hair was tied back in ponytails.
Because such experts are often tied to the defense industry, however, there are inevitable conflicts.
For three yuan, they could take a potshot at a rabbit that was also tied to the ground.
They cannot preserve and protect the country if their hands are tied and their minds closed.
She is tied by a rope to a guide above her and her husband below, but she can't seem to make progress on the rock.
His thinking was closely tied to experimental science and engineering practice.
Tariffs, she explains, act to counter the poor feedback received by cities tied to national economies.
The next generation of technological innovations is intimately tied to production processes.
Inflation was kept in check because the money supply was strictly tied to the average lease value of the land.
Since the manager's compensation is tied to results, he'll incur financial penalties.
The shortening of telomeres over a lifetime is thought to be tied to aging.
Having evidence of increased neurotransmitters, and having those tied to plasticity is not itself a sales pitch for a drug.
The other part of the problem is that it now appears that the price of sugar and the price of corn is tied to the oil market.
The aesthetic part of aging is more or less tied or even the direct result of the functional aging.
And you're going to need a wide variety of smart information appliances that can be tied together.
We're an extended family, and we're going to be forever tied together because of the work we've done.
They slept with their bootlaces tied and their guns loaded and their hand grenades within easy reach in their bunks.
Our national strength is inextricably tied to our economic strength.
They blindfolded me, tied my hands and marched me to the cook's quarters.
But more and more technology has tied purchasing power to credit and debit cards for their ease of use.
Two stories, superficially unrelated, neatly tied together by a deep lesson at the end.
Our need for sleep is somehow tied to our ability to remember.
Dental enamel contains considerable information because tooth growth is closely tied with the rest of the body's development.
The loops are tied to the plasma, too, and this material is twisting and roiling as it rises and sinks.
So my parents got these bars on the window, and they tied me to them with a harness.
These bacteria aren't found in solitary bees, so they seem to be tied to communal living.
Five were identical to sequences in chicken collagen, while frog and newt collagen tied for the next closest matches.
Some here seem to think that conservatism is innately tied to anti-science, religious ideas.
His political ideology is tied closely old extraction industry corporate interests.
Both are tied to hormone levels and thus affect conditions inside the uterus.
But it will be tied, loosely or strongly, to this discussion about memory consolidation.

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