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Alternating current performed so well at the fair that the technological tide turned.
Its flow changes direction every six hours, and at low tide our beach is normally twenty feet longer than it is at high tide.
They sit on piles drilled into the riverbed, and at low tide are six feet below the surface.
Purple starfish glisten on the rocks waiting for the tide to return.
But it is worth remembering that this is a tide that has risen in the past, only to ebb again.
Beachcombers leave footprints, usually washed away by the tide.
They timed their journeys to use the tides and surface currents and stopped when the tide turned.
It shows clouds streaming across the sky, star-spangled heavens and the oscillations of the tide.
To stem this tide of rapid turnover, colleges must create incentives for fund raisers to stay in one place longer.
Ultimately, the only way to turn the tide against piracy would be to offer pirates and their families a better way of life.
Agricultural runoff has encouraged algae blooms, such as the red tide.
Eggs caught in the receding waters of the tide are snatched up by crabs, eels and minnows.
In certain seasons the smelt come in to spawn after high tide at particular times of the month.
The tide turned, and the medium helped become the message.
Now she was sure she'd come across something truly sensational, but there was an incoming tide on the horizon.
Spiders are found everywhere from rain forests to deserts, and can even be found in tide pools along the coast.
Red tide is another type of algae bloom that is toxic and directly harmful to marine life.
Consumers who vote with their pocketbooks can turn the tide of demand.
Two people could get six clams at one tide change which had to be the lowest tide for the month.
New laws and regulations are specifically aimed at curtailing the tide of unwanted short message service spam.
Two small splashes had helped to change the tide of time.
Companies fear that, after they have invested billions in a plant, the political tide will turn once more and bankrupt them.
Fatalism only ensures that that tide does not turn sooner.
At high tide each day much of the town is now underwater.
Lunar gravity at perigee pulls tide waters about an inch higher than usual.
Thirty years ago, he recalls, the tide pools here were thick with oil.
Make an arrangement near the water's edge and wait for the tide to reclaim them.
But the tide needs a bold surfer if it is to have policy consequences.
That's because this is a tide which would seem to lift all boats.
Its network of earthquake detectors and tide gauges detects quakes that may cause a tsunami.
But there's an effort to hold back the rising tide of whaling.
Fossil fuels, including methane could tide us over until alternative energy sources are discovered.
During nesting, they use the wind and the tide to help them reach the beach.
Fortunately, an expanded arsenal and interesting mechanics will help turn the tide.
By repeating this false canard you provide an interesting example of the tide of misinformation.
We have been awash in a steadily increasing tide of information for the past century.
The timeline was inspired by the idea of creating a new law to help turn the tide on climate change and other environmental ills.
When the tide bottomed out altogether, whole stretches of reef came into the open air.
As the tide comes in over exposed coral reef platforms it follows the rising waters hunting and feeding as it goes.
Visit during low tide to hike to some of the best locations.
The storm came ashore at the time of the high tide, which added to the surge of water being pushed ahead by the hurricane.
It was a rising tide that lifted all boats, including the arts and humanities.
It's totally unenforceable and ranks right up there with holding back the tide.
May hear strange flitting notes die on the solemn tide.
Its publication was the high-water mark of the idealistic tide.
Must trust their oars, methinks not few, against the ebbing tide.
When the tide rose they both floated off down the stream.
In former times, when vessels were often careened for repairs, it was difficult to calk and pay this seam before the tide turned.
Gravity is currently able to move the water during periods of low tide, when sea level falls below that of the lake.
Check the local tide level at a glance with this personalized tide clock.
Nature lovers exploring parts of a submerged reef exposed at low tide.
Tide pools depend on the changing level of ocean water.
Even in a country that tolerates inequality, political consequences follow when the rising tide raises too few boats.
Yet there is also a growing feeling that the tide has turned against integration.
These steps, he says, could tide the government over until the autumn.
The tide of self-published books threatens to swamp their products.
He even acknowledges that the tide line might be high.
The tide is another form of powerful natural energy.
The tide turbines can even be placed far enough apart where they will not interfere with shipping.
Suppose somebody got hungry but forgot to check their lunar calendar and arrived at the water's edge at mid or even high tide.
Another seasonal effect that could be considered initiating change is the solar tide.
Or a mechanical sea lift can be driven by a floating push rod rising and falling with the tide.
The gate could be raised and lowered in accordance with tide and weather, controlling water flowing in and out of the river.
The free end culminated in a pointer that moved up and down a scale indicating the expected tide.
Still, when looked at against the findings of other studies, it suggests a rising tide.
They want the government to act to stem the tide of foreclosures.
We all stand to benefit from this shifting tide as academics warm to the collaborative vision.
But last week, this tide seemed to peak, and then begin to roll back.
Firms do appear to believe that the tide has turned.
But the economy will also grow, and if the rising tide is no longer lifting all boats, not many are being left in the mud.
We demand that engineers and scientists swim against that tide.
If the state is to make progress against illiteracy, it must stem the tide of school dropouts and teenage pregnancies.
By the seventeenth century, though, the tide had begun to turn.
The oar sounds and the tide's sounds went beautifully together.
The day of days comes, the reach boat is pulled out of the tide.
No one can accurately ascertain how much oil is escaping or how long before the tide can be stemmed.
Over the past few months, major players in the world of e-mail have proposed schemes for combating the rising tide of spam.
Chronology matters here, if one is to chart the rising tide.
It was my job to entertain the endless tide of friends and family who visited.
It's time for us to acknowledge that a rising tide does not lift all boats.
Another week without rain, more pictures of reservoirs at low tide.
At low tide, it is surrounded by a broad, flat apron of coral where a plane could safely touch down.
It was ultimate candor, it was the body's lingo, it was low tide in his inner ear.
It was at low tide, sunk to a twisting channel between flanks of mud glinting with moonlight.
Within two years, there were eight new albums, and the tide has yet to ebb.
It drifts toward disaster on a tinselly tide of imports.
Thus was launched the crusading movement, whose high tide lasted for two centuries.
The tide of summer bungalows creeps up their watercourses.
For six months they had been trying to conceive, and still her period was as regular as the tide.
Normally, the crossing can be safely negotiated only for a brief moment, on the slack of the tide.
In the developing world, in particular, efforts at prevention have failed to stem the tide of new infections.
Yet in the last eight months, the tide appears to have dramatically turned.
At low tide, pigs snuffle among the offal and rubbish, and little boys with sticks search for crabs and mussels.
They would have been easy to miss if you weren't on the shore looking back or in a boat at full tide.
High tide and raw sewage continually threaten to rise up over the thresholds of its thousands of plank-and-corrugated-iron shacks.
Indeed, the behavior of this whole human throng is not so different from that of a tide of rats.
Fortunes were made in bucket shops, and the tide of suckers was endless.
The ocean is constantly moving from high tide to low tide, and then back to high tide.
High tide will climb far up the beach while low tide will expose areas normally submerged.
If you look at the tables for tides you will find that high tide comes twice a day.
These are of obvious influence if you're a geoduck, a type of clam that people dig up at low tide.
What can be done to stem the tide of sedentary lifestyles in people.
On the other hand, there is such a thing as the galactic tide.
Nor did any other extreme measures turn the faltering tide.
But as in any disaster the nays will ride the tide as long as the wave will hold them in an effort to squash logic and reason.
Maybe then there's a high tide, or another storm sweeps through, and the trees and resin are buried in the lagoon's sediments.
Hundreds of dead fish washing up along a beach appear to have died from a fresh bloom of red tide, marine scientists say.
The educational foundations of our society are presently being eroded by a rising tide of mediocrity.
The theory seems to be: if the anchor does not hold, cut it free and drift with the tide.
Ocean tide fluctuations effect beach access by vehicles.
During periods of low tide, pools form along this shore in rocky depressions.
Water level observations at coastal tide stations comprise a critical component of an effective tsunami warning system.

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