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Example sentences for tidbit

The strange thing was that delicious users were exactly the people who would jump on any tidbit and flash it around instantly.
Not sure why you find that tidbit laughable but go ahead if you wish.
If he tells a tidbit to everyone, it will certainly be reported, but he will not have learned anything.
Funny how the website actually spins this little tidbit as something that gives it credence.
We also discovered that other little informational tidbit about coal ash: there are no federal regulations on storing the stuff.
It appears that the presence or absence of that tidbit of additional information doesn't change the odds.
The true journalist loves nothing better than walking into a room with some hot tidbit and watching the jaws drop.
Some of it is all too familiar, though there is an occasional new tidbit, piquant if not always credible.
Underneath it is an even rarer and subtler tidbit made of the ovaries of live sea slugs.
There is always something new to learn about teaching, and one never knows where the next tidbit will come from.
But one final tidbit of information is the breaking down of reliability by brand.
They did find another interesting tidbit, though, this one being on the good side.
Interesting tidbit about public awareness of geoengineering.
If you find that precious tidbit, use it for all its worth, because the public's attention span for science is usually short.
Most compelling, though, was a tidbit missing from the rest of the application.
When she does go to her own bed, be sure to reinforce this good behavior with lots of praise and a terrific food tidbit.
Do not give in to his pleading eyes and reward him with a tidbit or he will become a constant beggar.
Your dog will eventually perform, and then you can praise and reward him with the food tidbit.

Famous quotes containing the word tidbit

Hence the spiritual weariness of the conscientious mother: You're always finding out just one more vital tidbitmore
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