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The clock is always ticking on fresh produce, meat and anything from a cow.
The special fear of our patient, however, was that the ticking of the clock would disturb her in her sleep.
Hidden beneath the ocean waves lies a ticking time bomb.
Time is ticking as the crew gathers wood to build makeshift walkways that will be used to cross over the mucky marsh.
Perhaps some millennial spillover runs through the makeup of what is now one of the world's ticking hot spots.
But whether they decide to relocate villagers or limit the annual number of tourists, the clock is ticking.
The sobering reality is quite different and the clock is now ticking for our beloved home planet.
Rather what they tell me is that the tenure clock is ticking no matter what.
Once the minds are ticking over, it is time to get out of their way, and it defeats the purpose if one does not.
The ticking of an old fashioned wall clock and some distant traffic with an occasional siren.
So mining them doesn't remove the ticking time bomb.
That's right: your seemingly harmless printer, sitting innocuously beside your desk, was a ticking time bomb.
Within every one-gigahertz microprocessor, for instance, there lies an oscillating crystal ticking one billion times a second.
Deadly call and response recruits stem cells to nourish ticking tumors.
So, anthropogenic global warming is a ticking time bomb.
And the organism can keep on ticking regardless of the evolving stage in which any particular clock gene may be.
The potential is there all the time, but there's a huge range of performance between ticking over and full throttle.
Circadian clock keeps ticking in constant darkness, or constant dim light.
Thanks for reacting, which keeps the intracranial contents ticking.
The traditional solution is to look at brains that are injured, so as to deduce facts about what keeps a normal brain ticking.
But, the clock is still ticking, and time is not working in our favor.
No wonder inflation is ticking up across the region, albeit from historic lows in several countries.
Alzheimer's research aims to stop a ticking time bomb.
The heart of the world lies open, leached and ticking with sunlight.
The atomic clock may have slowed a bit, but it is still ticking.
There was the protection, he suggested, ticking off the reasons.
The show opens with a blank screen and a ticking stopwatch.
The authors of a book can explore issues deeply-without being limited by the ticking clock.
If you drive a car, then you have probably noticed that gasoline prices have been ticking up.
It was once an exceptional, once-in-a-lifetime, ticking bomb extra-legal necessity.
Look at the pale shifting of my skin under the red eye of the ticking heat lamp.
The unemployment rate has been ticking up for two months straight.
Let's also leave aside the never-ever happened hypothetical of the ticking time-bomb.
Imagine such a thing affixed to your air conditioner in the dead of summer, ticking upward with every penny of power you use.
Meanwhile, the clock is ticking on climate change and a host of other environmental issues with irreversible consequences.
The clock was ticking for the firms who had set up the contract, and they needed to get their value.
Once a molecule is patented, the clock starts ticking towards the expiration date of the patent.
The clock is ticking, and it doesn't look good for the human race.
It's a car you could live with, without ticking off options.
Those kind of details started to give me a visual silhouette of what might be ticking away inside this fellow.
Soccer is based on the fact that the players never stop running, the ball never stops moving, and the clock never stops ticking.
But it was he who turned out to be the ticking bomb.
Especially since the clock is ticking on your tenure.
Maybe some sort of genetic memory in the rhizomes, or alarm clock ticking in their cells.
But it's a ticking time bomb, enough to turn the world into a cauldron, should it all get into the atmosphere.
He may be a ticking time bomb, but he's also a gent.
There is little time for an elaborate courtship when your reproductive life is quickly ticking away.
It may not take long, either: several surveys exist or will soon which could spot these ticking bombs.
That's the ticking of the clock-- although nobody really knows how the telomere clock might control cell division.
He sees the face and moving hands, even hears its ticking, but he has no means of opening the case.
Maybe the tool can serve as a happy reminder that the clock is ticking.
And when a borrower begins the long process to restructure a loan, another clock begins ticking.
Rather, it's the seething, angry types with underlying hostility who are the ticking time bombs.
Volatile ingredients must be combined, a trigger put in place, a timer set ticking.
There's a feeling at points that he's ticking off moments in history, rather than grappling with them.
According to the bonehead editor who came up with this sensationalist headline, returned veterans are ticking bombs.
All of us need a little kick start from time to time, to get our minds ticking.

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