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Example sentences for ticker

Even though heart attacks may not be deadly, they can leave your ticker damaged.
The astronauts could come home to ticker tape parades.
So long as theories of trading patterns could be developed, it wouldn't matter what lies beneath a ticker symbol.
Sometimes, they have responded by changing their ticker symbols.
Mounds of confetti and ticker-tape in the streets bear a spooky resemblance to the debris of the attacks ten years later.
Instead of a search bar, there are friends' ticker feeds.
Take a deep breath, then enter a ticker symbol to see a real-time quote.
Tracking your ticker sometimes seems more trouble than it's worth.
He also came up with the heart stent that keeps our current vice president's ticker going.
Grab the horizontal bar between the ticker and the chat window below it.
The database can be searched using the company name, ticker symbol, or keywords.
Ticker tape is no longer a commonly used format for information sharing.
Simply enter each fund's ticker symbol or select the fund through the drop down menu.

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