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Example sentences for ticked

From a room across the landing a clock ticked menacingly.
As the final days ticked by, a dust storm on the planet erupted, reducing the density of the upper atmosphere.
The doctor and patient waited as the months ticked by, and still no virus reappeared.
Worse still, as he ticked these things off, he showed signs of more fine-grained disorientation.
As the minutes of the session ticked by, the price soared.
He ticked off a set of common problems-and great opportunities-he sees for those colleges.
Our driver was ticked off, all right, but the thought of offering money did not even occur to him.
The doctor and patient waited as the months ticked by, and still no virus reappeared.
As the centuries ticked by, the irregular verbs became fewer and far between.
It's likely they'll simply count them up to know how many astronomers are good and truly ticked off.
Both core and headline inflation ticked up, but the core increase was much more subdued.
The employment-population ratio ticked up slightly, as did hours worked and average earnings.
The violent crime rate has ticked upward in the past couple of years.
And they're also probably ticked off at the keep-supplies-short crowd.
Hours worked and earnings ticked upward for the month.
If people knew, they'd be ticked off but they don't know and a main goal is to keep them from knowing.
Don't worry--Tony gets ticked off at everyone sooner or later.
On the day of this first unexpected default, the value of the other homes in its neighborhood ticked down a fraction.
Start pointing fingers over a national disaster and somebody's going to get ticked off.
Wear a long-sleeved shirt, long pants, and high socks with pant cuffs ticked into the socks.
If some are ticked or preferences are in place, only the selected ones are searched and some boxes will not appear.
They have always ticked, and it's only a matter of time before an explosion.
Manufacturing employment declined somewhat, while the average workweek ticked up and wages advanced in line with our last report.

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