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For decades, scientists and doctors have been trying to peek into our heads and figure out what makes us tick.
It's always a pleasure to find out what makes our favorite gadgets tick.
If an attached tick is discovered, there is no reason to panic.
From vampire bats to stinging mosquitoes, discover out what makes bloodsucking animals tick.
Thinking about that number provides an opportunity to talk about where we're headed and what makes us tick.
But its impact is not likely to be felt during this summer's tick onslaught.
Simple insect repellent will help cavers avoid tick bites.
Twitter and the other free-answer services may be ingenious new channels-but it's human nature that makes them tick.
Now that he has corrected his mistake and returned to her side, her support will tick up again.
They lacked the structures and proteins that now make them tick.
Trying to pull a tick off with bare hands can squeeze spirochete out of the tick and into the body.
What's more, she uncovers what makes this legend tick.
And so that's what the book kind of takes a close look at that to figure out what makes us tick.
The tick, tick, tick of the plastic tab is picked up and the rest is done in software.
There is not enough curiosity about the rest of the world and what makes them tick.
To tick off all three species you will need to exercise a wide range of skills.
The film celebrates and explores what makes such free spirits tick.
Nasa is the bloated sucking tick siphoning off funding.
Where possible, tick the box that turns on some kind of encryption.
In the long term sense, ideas would supersede individuals in making the world tick.
It's not serious science and it doesn't throw any light on how people tick politically.
Bureaucrats can tick off a long list of reasons for banning rickshaws.
As the seconds tick by, a counter at the top of the screen shows a steadily increasing wager.
Time does not really exist except as a tick mark for a change.
The white rhinos were moving off, with tick-eating birds called oxpeckers riding on their necks.
At a superficial level it's easy to tick off the traits of an awkward-looking throw.
Previous estimates were based on tick distribution and diagnostic reports.
Always refreshing to see a different way of seeing what makes us tick.
He heard the clock tick, his own breath returning, jagged and raspy.
Living with animals means coming to terms with who they are and what makes them tick.
We're not all out to tick scientists off with this stuff.
Rather than grouping things, each object would have a bunch of tick boxes.
It won't tick down when you're standing in the safe purple areas, though.
As the seconds tick away, it snatches another two points.
There's his grand research plan to figure out what makes the human brain tick.
The author provides some interesting insight into what makes entrepreneurs tick.
It is to him that they owe their digital souls, the operating systems and programs which make them tick.
But they need a handle on the characters and what makes them tick.
If all parts of the tick cannot be removed, get medical help.
Many big cities have indeed seen crime tick higher during the downturn.
Soon trees will bud, snows will melt, and for the next six months daylight will tick more minutes off the clock than darkness.

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