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Data thus far has been collected using sonar scans and video.
Regional logging is extensive and growing, but thus far it has been carried out in a manner that preserves tiger habitat.
Most other genetic variations identified thus far increase the risk by much less.
Thus far, no path had led anywhere, unless perhaps to an exceedingly modest living.
What everyone has failed to mention thus far is one's ability to succeed in the job market.
Shocks and water have till thus far never been a problem.
Neurology and science in general have totally failed thus far to explain consciousness, sentience, and the subjective experience.
Two more elements in this situation have thus far been ignored in the interview and all the comments.
Well, reading all the comments thus far was certainly depressing.
The first stars, long a target for researchers, have eluded detection thus far.
Ultimately, if you had anything more conclusive than what you have presented thus far you would have started with that.
Your posts thus far have missed the point altogether.
No one thus far has been able to do this successfully, until now.
So much is it stake for making this project work, and it has proven thus far to be a grand success.
That's the point after all, and it's been a good survival strategy thus far.
Thus far, it's not as much of a puzzle game as it is about quick reflexes and planning.
Most resistive screens we've encountered thus far tend to be slow and unresponsive.
Thus far, nearly half of the proven, exploitable oil reserves in the world have been used up.
Thus far, tax-exempt funds have largely ignored residential real estate.
Thus far they have been stuck with loans they made or committed to before the crisis.
But thus far, it has been a rush to the courts in many places.
The country is now trying to push into creative industries, with limited success thus far, as ministers admit.
But there are already grounds to draw some conclusions from what is known thus far.
But in each case the president needs to show more determination and leadership than he has thus far.
These recipients have thus far been sheltered from the recession.
We have certainly benefited, thus far, from the thoughts you have generously shared.
Thus far, some results produced by this approach have been surprising to the skeptics.
Third, attempts to build a comprehensive theory that couples the warming trend to human activity has thus far failed.
Thus far, the claim remained on the official map change and not reflected on the ground.
Thus far, the pound has not factored in any real risk premium for political uncertainty.
Your efforts thus far have been fair and commendable.
Yet thus far, the material has been painfully thin and woefully predictable.
Hill will always be worth keeping an eye on but hasn't done much thus far.
He hasn't exactly been a fantasy beast thus far, but he's got a green light to shoot and is playing heavy minutes.
He's had trouble beating the lingering injury and has been useless in fantasy thus far.
He's been pretty awful thus far, but the minutes are there.
Thus far the reports have been relatively few, given the magnitude of the quake and the distance it travelled.
Although it has thus far only been tested on animals, the device could alleviate the need for heart transplants.
Thus far, the company's mo has been to press users to share more, then let up if too many of them complain.
On the question of the autonomy demanded by the regions, thus far no middle ground appears to have opened up.

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