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Fill the drainage holes thus created with good-quality topsoil.
Give the stem more height to grow and it will, increasing the space for stolons and thus tubers.
Many have grain seeds in them and thus would not be the best choice to use as mulch.
Today, these gases are used to produce polypropylene, thus drastically reducing atmospheric pollution.
He was having trouble moving his neck and thus stayed for more testing.
Thus for the first time large urban areas to the east and west of the city will be linked via the city center.
Securing more private funds has thus become a growing preoccupation.
Each one has potentially grave implications for free expression and academic freedom, and thus merits closer scrutiny.
Unfortunately, these external activities take more time and require more travel, thus increasing the demands of the job.
Thus if you have a master's in philosophy and need a master's hood, it too will have blue velvet.
They thus appropriate not simply wealth but also power.
Thus there can be no objective standard of merit applicable to all groups within the society.
Thus there will be layers of meanings that are absolutely peculiar to the individual dreamer.
Thus, if you leave off listening on one device, you can grab another and keep listening where you left off.
There is an inexpressible charm in thus living in the open air.
Thus, you can surprise them with a calendar containing their photos as well as yours.
Thus refreshed, it found that crippling some enzymes could make yeast grow faster.
Thus, a seamount might serve as a kind of magnetic landmark for marine organisms in what appears to be a featureless deep ocean.
Heretics are members of the church or faith with which they disagree and thus distinct from non-believers.
If you continue to push this area it will alter the shark's head position and thus its movement will change away from you.
Phytoplankton need two things for photosynthesis and thus their survival: energy from the sun and nutrients from the water.
The ground is also drier and thus may propagate waves more efficiently.
Thus, an essential part of understanding a region is its migration story.
Thus deceived, the ants feed and protect the caterpillar, while the caterpillar grows ever larger.
Thus, the status of the species is one indicator of the health of the river.
The vehicles have no need for conventional engines and thus never run out of fuel.
The potentially enormous natural source of greenhouse gases had thus far escaped notice, which experts say is not surprising.
The area included large tracts of swamp forest that is permanently flooded, thus undisturbed by logging companies.
Thus, the first stages of new species may occur within and not between populations.
Scientists have thus often compared the acquisition of human speech to that of birdsong.
The vapor pressure of water thus measures the amount of water vapor in the air.
Investigators have thus used these relics to examine the origins of our sun and planets.
All of the spectral lines are thus shifted towards the long wavelength part of the spectrum, or to the red end of the spectrum.
Researchers are thus investigating compounds similar to the active ingredients in green tea that could avoid this problem.
Neurology and science in general have totally failed thus far to explain consciousness, sentience, and the subjective experience.
Some researchers have thus posited that the arachnids use only these strands when navigating their webs.
Between the sterility thus super-induced and that of hybrids, there are many points of similarity.
Thus extinction and natural selection go hand in hand.
Their main use is to draw the arytenoid cartilages forward toward the thyroid, and thus shorten and relax the vocal folds.
Adding grated cheese to the crust tweaks the tradition, thus bringing an iconic dessert full circle.
On leaving, customers feed a tip jar, thus deciding for themselves how much the experience was worth.
Yachts bob along the quay and the homes have thus far defied economic distress to fetch seven figures in euros and dollars alike.
These unpersonable creatures let loose their ink when in danger, thus obscuring the water and escaping larger fish.
Thus, our initial humor studies were setting the stage for later research on individuals with brain disorders.
They hold sacred significance and are viewed as protective and a privilege, thus it is not polite to ask us about them.
All revenues thus collected will be used to build public housing for the meek.
We'll be protecting our natural resources and thus ensuring a better future for tomorrow.
Thus it was that he conceived the idea of modernizing the country's telephone system.
Moreover, its followers believe they are part of a divine struggle, and thus they are not deterrable in any conventional sense.
Thus, one seeks not so much the historical fact as the exemplary story-the applicable anecdote, the usable history.
Ground squirrels wave their tails to appear larger to, and thus intimidate, hungry snakes.
Thus, people who own land along the ditches still retain rights to their water until they sell those rights.
Thus, this genealogical detective story also becomes part memoir, part family chronicle and part history lesson.
When humans were predominantly hunters, dogs were of great use, and thus were domesticated long before cats.
Thus news came in by telephone, called in by legmen-reporters who scoured the town for stories.
Thus, there are lightning rods in the pyramidion, even in its pencil-sharp point.
Thus the presence of bone in coprolites and the lack of bones bearing evidence of theropod consumption is reconciled.
It can be raised in seawater, and thus doesn't deplete freshwater stocks.
My idea of the newspaper of the twentieth century may be thus expressed in brief.
The people in these countries are mostly governed by dictators, thus reflecting their nation's mentality.
Thus their conversations began every evening beginning at twilight.
Thus the narrator is attacked on all sides by a different way of life.
Thus the river's moving, the blackbird must be flying, two half-knowledges or halves of one knowing.
One theory holds that it's best to have stinky tofu delivered at meal's end, thus minimizing the time spent in its presence.
Archeologists say he thus destroyed as much archeology as he discovered.
Thus he bestows a kind of immortality on songs never intended to transcend their provenance.
Evolution will be channelled into these successful paths, and thus does have trends.
The potential audience for independent films is thus dispersing beyond the places where independent cinemas are concentrated.
Amber fossils are thus crucial to an understanding of how insects and other invertebrate critters have evolved.
Growth investors had a mandate from their clients to buy tech stocks and thus had no incentive to switch.
One answer is that human consciousness, and thus human thought, is dominated by vision.
The incentive for putting points in the kitty was that their value was thus doubled.
One resembles the parent stem cell and thus allows the whole process to continue.
They thus have sine waves with large amplitudes and short wavelengths, both of which make them easy to see.
Thus the president's budget proposal for this fiscal year showed somewhat tighter fists.
The gene that encodes this protein is the subject of several medical studies, and is thus a prime candidate for sporting use.
Thus, the increase in saving is insurance against the prospect of bad times ahead.
Thus, if an extract ends with a full stop or question-mark, put the punctuation before the closing inverted commas.
It can then be used when the power grid is facing peak demand and the price of energy thus increases.
As consumers try to pay down those debts, the result will be sluggish demand and thus slower growth.
The largest part of the budget, and thus the biggest target for cuts, is education.
And if the batteries could store more energy, automakers could use fewer of them, thus saving money.
Thus, when two pieces of the adhesive materials are heated, they stick together strongly.
Shining light on the cells to trigger the calcium thus turns on the target gene.
Thus, whether charging or discharging, the positively charged lithium ions move from the anode to the cathode.
If it is bent or otherwise strained, thus deranging the polymers, they will naturally return to their ordered state.
Better performance often means more page views, and thus more interaction with users.
Scientists are searching for ways to both boost and focus this innate plasticity, thus improving neural repair.
As a result, the device is easier to manufacture, and thus much cheaper to produce.
But paper diagnostic tests have thus far been limited to fairly simple reactions.
They are thus ill-adapted for lower-quality coals that would produce several times more slag.
Thus, as the amount of ethanol in solution goes up, the microbes slow down.
The user bags items while shopping, thus avoiding having to unload and reload the cart at the register.
Thus, the same kind of performance benefits possible in helicopters can likely be realized in wind turbines.
Each rink would be covered with a geodesic dome, built by local prison inmates who would thus gain valuable job skills.
Thus high returns for some must come at the expense of others.
Mugwump thus became a term for a political turncoat.
Thus was born one of the longest rivalries in mechanical sport.
Thus, if one is to understand where the unions are today, one must recall where they have been.
Thus they seek both public and private sources of funding.
Pompano thus conjoins two worlds, one atop the other.
They couldn't go into politics since there were no elections and thus no way to change the system.
Thus the colleges look for buffers and safeguards to give them some control.

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