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Example sentences for thunderous

They clasp hands, and raise them over their heads to thunderous applause.
But it's not a thunderous ovation-the new direction is scary.
It is likely to be approved with thunderous cross-party support.
The thunderous sound of breaking chunks of ice is on a slight delay from the sight of them crumbling.
There were thunderous crashes at odd hours of the night.
But it is melting fast, with the thunderous sounds of icebergs calving off glaciers filling the air.
The impact generates soaring mists and thunderous sounds that can be seen and heard for great distances.
The initial clash brings combatants flying toward a thunderous embrace.
Thunderous herds stampede across the plains, creating a truly astounding spectacle.
When the reverend asked for visitors to stand, the first family stood to thunderous applause.
The manse is a gloomy old place with a thunderous bathroom, one of the picture's recurrent gags.
Thunderous salutes echoed down the hill from volleys of muskets, and across the water from ships' guns.
When she was wheeled onstage that night, she was met by a thunderous standing ovation.
It split the world open with a thunderous whump that left everyone looking at each other in puzzlement.
Harry, on the other hand, took the podium to thunderous applause.
The right-hand octaves in the higher register provide metallic brilliance, and the lower left-hand octaves a thunderous sonority.
The light is northern, the sky a thunderous gray, the beach is the color and texture of coffee grounds.
Pretending it was part of the act, he got thunderous applause but had to perform a whole comedy routine in pain.
The thunderous violence and the music jack the audience up.
His tennis game was thunderous but erratic, and it took years for me to realize that his real physical grace was non-suburban.
And it's quiet, which means no thunderous city noises to intrude on your getaway.
The sea is an overwhelming presence here, and its rhythmic sounds provide a thunderous background for a walk along land's end.
Lookouts are places vacillating between an experience far from the world and the thunderous reality of a mountain storm.
These flash brilliantly through the sky and strike the ground with a thunderous crash, shattering anything in the way.
The music was not a factor as the screaming crowd drowned it out with cheers of joy and thunderous applause.
Large waves generate plumes of spray and thunderous explosions as they surge into the sea caves.
Then the calm water around the lure turned into a thunderous current and the frog disappeared.
Thunderous shock waves, traveling at the speed of sound, arrive more than a minute after the fireball has disappeared.
They hurl themselves into the air and crash back down with thunderous splashes.
She walked into the room to a standing ovation and thunderous applause.
With great effort, they unscrewed it only to hear a thunderous crash.
Listen for the thunderous roar that means a chunk of ice has broken off one of the glaciers and is tumbling down the rock face.

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