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Example sentences for thundering

But amid the thundering ten-foot waves and shattering spray, hundreds of northern fur seals played with nimble abandon.
Actually, he noticed the absence of something: the thundering roar of the falls.
Kids could position themselves and watch the ants come thundering down on their prey.
The memory ignited a thundering laugh that filled the room.
He had hardly done this when he heard the rattling staff of the spirit and a thundering stream of esoteric speech.
The easiest way to see the thundering falls up close isn't in a barrel.
Thundering trains once bridged all the world's continents, helping to settle new lands and unite distant cultures.
Watch as an intrepid team explores the park by boat, skirting raging currents and thundering falls and making contact with tribes.
The calm determination of our heroes and the hypnotic clicking of their tricycles contrasted with the din of the thundering city.
One misstep can put you in the path of a thundering speed machine.
Deep rolling whirlwinds roar, and thundering flames resound.
The capacious lung, the thundering or the tender vocal chords.
But a gentleman on tramp sees such a thundering lot of his boots.
Fortunately, digital technology appears to be thundering to the rescue of anyone blackballed by the old-style networks.
Alternately thundering and whispering from the podium, he wove together biblical, historical and apocalyptic themes.
Such human voices chime oddly with the thundering perorations of top-rank lawyers.
All its thundering achieved was a lengthening queue of countries mustard-keen to join.
Even before he reaches the first page of this autobiographical work, the reader hears a thundering in the index.
Their thundering herds left an enduring mark on the landscape.
Then he speaks, and you notice his insatiable, thundering intensity.

Famous quotes containing the word thundering

One moment, on the rapid's top, our boat Hung poised —and then the darting river of Life (Such now, methought, it was)... more
The thundering line of battle stands, And in the air Death moans and sings: But Day shall clasp him with st... more
half-way up the hill, I see the Past Lying beneath me with its sounds and sights,— A city in the twilight dim and vast... more
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