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At first he thought it was someone at the door, but when the sound rolled down on the parish again, he knew it was thunder.
Instead, it generates sound much as lightning produces thunder.
The eagle swivels her head to find the source of the strange, meaningless thunder, the incomprehensible sound.
The ubiquity of digital spectacles and curiosities today is one reason performance art has had its thunder stolen.
Semicolon, if it's sounds of thunder you crave, move here.
The arc heats the air surrounding it and causes that air to expand rapidly, producing a shock wave that is heard as thunder.
Since people can't easily get inside thunder and lightning storms, no one knows exactly how they form, he added.
It was about the size of a baseball and shot up into the clouds, there was a huge clap of thunder that almost knocked me down.
Pigs may thunder past us in herds, and occasionally bears chase us back onto the road.
Let them steal the thunder from the leaders for less government,more equity for havenots.
Since people can't easily get inside thunder and lightning storms, no one knows exactly how they form, he said.
So the next time the sky darkens and thunder rumbles, take a cue from the butterflies.
They didn't notice the darkening skies, the thunder and lightning.
It's great political theatre, but in the end it is all thunder and lightening with no rain.
If outside, seek refuge in a car or grounded building when lightning or thunder begins.
My chow mix is terrified of thunder and fireworks too.
But confining all that heavy metal thunder indoors would be sacrilege.
The rumble of thunder overhead interrupts the conversation.
Elephants used to thunder across the clearings by the thousands.
At the moment the command was given for the caravan to move out, thunder rumbled ominously from the west.
The farmers grin as they watch the machines thunder through the cornfields.
If you stand near during thunder, she said, you will hear a reply.
Finally the sheet lightning rocking the harbour in long slow breaths while salvos of thunder cracked over the dancing roof-tops.
Thunder rattled the windows, and the lights blinked off and then on again.
For all its thunder, the evangelical message encouraged sobriety and industry.
The task of good journalism is to sort facts out of the info-thunder and then give their reasoned opinion for consideration.
If the thunder is not loud the peasant forgets to cross himself.
The guilty are alarmed and turn pale at the slightest thunder.
They thunder about the anathema of even considering applying to humans the technology that spawned her.
Instead, they harness a phenomenon called the thermoacoustic effect, which is how lightning produces thunder.
One hears the thumping of a car stereo or the rumble of thunder from a distance.
And it's fascinating to see them thunder by and change their position with respect to the planets from night to night.
Thunder and lightning: will happen at the same moment, even if it is distant.
With no distant thunder to approach, the loss seems worse for the lack of any ability to prepare.
It was a miserable night, pouring rain and thunder and lightning.
Then came the shock wave that made a disagreeable click in my ears and finally the rolling thunder of the noise.
Speakers blare the sounds of explosions, vehicular thunder, and exhortations to prepare oneself to be blown away.

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