thumping in a sentence

Example sentences for thumping

Rhyme in a thumping rhythm seems to be not merely his trade but his morning exercise.
Admire the immensely powerful falls, amid the blast and spray and percussive, gut-thumping crash of exploding white water.
Behind us, the house had become a thumping shadowbox of festivity.
Barry stepped forward to take care of the congratulatory embraces, the manful back-thumping, the gush.
When the villain appeared, there were ominous string tremolos and thumping piano themes.
Test for doneness by thumping the cake with a spoon handle or stick.
The blower fan shall be dynamically balanced as to revolve smoothly during operation, with no audible thumping vibrations.
The radio waves cause loud thumping noises that can be muffled by the use of earplugs.
He or she will hear loud thumping noises caused by the electrical switching of the magnetic field.
If a motorist feels or hears any unusual thumping while driving, he/she should check the tires.

Famous quotes containing the word thumping

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I did not know the exact route myself, but steered by the lay of the land, as I do in Boston, and I tried to enter into ... more
My heart got to thumping. You can't reason with your heart; it has its own laws, and thumps about things wh... more
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