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Example sentences for thump

At night the riverbanks echo with the urgent thump of unseen drums and raucous singing.
There is nobody to thump the table for foreign relations.
We can say that with a satisfying kick-drum thump of certainty.
On the soundtrack, the faint tha-thump of a beating heart.
Thump it with your hand, and the monument gives off the ring of an empty fuel tank.
They thump, he said, and their pitchers keep improving.
Moments later he heard a loud thump and people screaming down the platform.
They often thump their hind feet in response to fear or anger.
When captured they are usually calm, and often thump their hind feet in response to perceived threats.
Rabbits will thump the ground with their hind feet regularly, probably as a means of communication.
In fact it will pull itself closed with a distinct thump and cease existing.
As the lift operator began raising the lift, the employees on the ground heard a thump inside the silo.

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