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Press your thumb into center of each cookie ball, making a small well.
Don't use your thumb to direct water from a bare hose end.
She then pierced a hole in the center of the pancake with the back of her thumb, and laid it in the skillet.
These little butterflies are plentiful and tiny-some are no larger than my thumb-and share similar markings across species.
They eat bamboo, grasping shoots with a pseudo thumb.
He also developed the technique of using a palette knife-and even his thumb-to apply and shape paint.
In earlier drafts of the script, there was a plot line that involved a new form of credit card: your thumb.
There is a simple rule of thumb that can be applied toward multiple solutions: don't expend energy in order to dissipate energy.
The first time, they were small tubers, no bigger than my thumb in diameter.
The best example of this form is the carpometacarpal joint of the thumb.
Gather parsley between thumb and fingers and press compactly.
Usually she wants to talk about old times and thumb through our yearbooks.
There's a long legacy of faculty angst from years of being under the thumb.
Surely no one wants to go to the library, wait in the queue, and then thumb through drawers of cards.
Basically, in evangelical scholarship there is a good rule of thumb.
Reviewers may not take the time to thumb through your proposal narrative to confirm that the costs are justified.
Eliminating unnecessary words is a good rule of thumb.
We all get rich, be happy and thumb our noses at the poor unfortunate hacks at the bottom.
The thumb is long in comparison with the fingers, the ratio approaching that found in modern humans and in few other primates.
Examination may show decreased sensation in the thumb side of the hand.
Soldiers, you are now cleared to use your thumb drives again.
Or rather, it is four conjoined thumb-drives, perforated for easy separation.
The form-fitting hood and thumb-looped sleeves kept warm air in the suit.
The phone's screen-sliding mechanism feels solid, but it is still easy enough to operate with one hand or one thumb.
As a rule of thumb, the more formal a situation, the longer the words get.
But they have now come far enough to be able to thumb their noses at the cynics.
Instead of a single giant limb, it has two arms each with four delicate fingers and a thumb.
To do so, he follows an old rule of thumb used by mothers and psychologists to get people to change their behaviour.
In such cases, even more than usual, the courts are under the thumb of local governments.
The rule of thumb is that when the two differ, go with the payroll survey.
As a rule of thumb, whenever political leaders talk a lot at press conferences, it often means they have not much to say.
Point out that the thumb is a body part that provides an advantage when using a tool.
Then have them try again, this time without using their thumb to grip the pencil.
The rule of thumb is the higher the value, the darker the color.
When it comes to cultivating a green thumb, gardeners perhaps need only look to their urinals and fireplaces.
All functions are accessed with a thumb-operated controller and easy-to-navigate, on-screen menus.
Many are the deformed spirits of people who weren't properly cremated, some no larger than your thumb.
The strings are plucked with thumb and forefinger only and the playing has a maniacal start-and-stop quality.
The device, about the size of a smartphone, tracks your heart rate when you place your thumb on a monitor pad.
Because it's so small, it can be easy to lose track of during play when you move your thumb.
And another rule of thumb: whenever beliefs get involved, don't trust anyone.
Heading into positive expanding time gives the right hand rule of thumb.
As a rule of thumb, the darker a liquor's color, the more congeners it contains.
It is as if you told the alien that right is the hand where the thumb points left.
Perhaps a study should be done into the incidence of thumb strain.
In investing the rule of thumb is that if you can't understand it, don't invest in it.
She laughs and licks her thumb and wipes something off my face.
By the time he was finished with his experiments, his thumb was the only remaining digit.
Although they were behaving at about the level where thumb wrestling seems dignified.
She was smoking a cigarette and tapping the steering wheel with her thumb, keeping time to music on her car radio.
His left hand, wrapped in a bandage, was missing the thumb.
You're supposed to be able to turn it with one thumb so that you can pour a cup of coffee single-handed.
Make a small hole in a poori with your thumb and spoon in a little potato filling.
When the chain reaches the water, it throws back a clear, arcing fount as thick as my thumb.
Knobs of the dough are pushed out one by one with the thumb, steamed, and served in upright rolls.
As a rule of thumb, lighter roasts are more acidic, while dark roasts are more bitter.
Haynes noticed the contaminants and avoided them, except for one burn on her thumb.
Twelve to fifteen books over a fifteen-week semester used to be the rule of thumb at selective colleges.
Jabbing his thumb into his rib cage, he described how he had trouble breathing during the first days.
It's ready if when you push it with your thumb, the surface wrinkles.
Everybody understands that, as a rule of thumb, more school means a bigger paycheck.
Irons keeps his thumb on the scale throughout the argument.
The opposable thumb helps make us human, yet our technology is relegating dexterity to the sidelines.
And a sound rule of thumb tells us that poets have been the best critics of poetry.
Another rule of thumb used to prevail among the better university presses.
As a general rule of thumb, the more famous the image now is, the less of it is actually ancient.
Ray's earliest memory is of burning her thumb on a flat-topped grill while trying to spatula some cheese.
The scientific rule of thumb is that one can never blame any one weather event on any single cause.
He sits on the side of the bed next to me and applies his fingers to a spot between the thumb and forefinger of each hand.
She stood by the side of a road frequented by hitchhikers and held out her thumb to catch a ride.
It can make a thumb twitch, create the illusion of a flash of light, or even treat depression.
So be sure to delicately place a grain of salt on top of my upturned thumb.
Hold out your right hand, stick your thumb up and then your fingers curl in the direction of the electrical charge.
The hand's longer thumb allows for a humanlike precision grip.
The first sign is often a twinge in your knee or your back or some stiffness at the base of your thumb.
He kneads the exposed abdomen with both hands, presses one thumb down and draws it across the skin.
By the prickling of our thumb something wicked this way comes.
Arthritis of the base of the thumb is a common debilitating problem.
The missing bone is called the radius, and it runs from the elbow to the wrist on the side of the thumb.

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