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The hissing and crackling behind me, the explosive thud as each fresh tree burst into flame, left little time for reflection.
On the ground, the others heard three shots-not shotgun blasts, but the distinctive crack-thud of a rifle.
Many seconds later came the sound, which varied from a dull thud to a sharp crack.
As she prepared to leave for work, she heard a thud.
The salad, topped with walnuts and a mustard vinaigrette, lands with a thud and disappears in a whisper.
Every now and again through the night there was a thud or an explosion.
And when they did arrive, those big, meaty wings landed with a thud.
They've been landing with a thud, but remakes are crowding the film season.
The first indication of an earthquake is often a sharp thud, signaling the arrival of compressional waves.
Nearby residents of the area may feel a slight tremor, and may hear a muffled thud during the blasting.
Seasoned wood is lighter than green, and banging two pieces together can produce a type of popping sound rather than a dull thud.

Famous quotes containing the word thud

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O mud For watermelons gutted to the crust, Mud for the mole-tide harbor, mud for mouse, Mud for the armored Diesel fishi... more
Flame burns, rain sinks into the cracks And they all go to rack ruin beneath the thud of the years, Stands ... more
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