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Example sentences for thrusting

The left solid rocket booster continues to fly, still thrusting.
People thrusting their hands through the taxi window, begging.
Probably padded with horsehair or wool, the helmet cap was made of hammered iron for protection from slashing or thrusting blades.
These circles are likely caused by frost heave, the upward thrusting of the ground.
Also, marine seismic data show active folding and thrusting of the youngest sediments.
Bouts last only three minutes and feature as much bouncing and pausing as thrusting and parrying.
On she is drawn, by the omnipotent will of her own thrusting hips.
The pelvic thrusting motion needed to keep one's balance elicited endless giggles among our group.
We give awkwardly, thrusting our favorite poetry upon bewildered parents.
The skill of waiting is in being stubborn without betraying any of the confrontational chin-thrusting of stubbornness.
He was thrusting himself close to the fire, and trembling.
It was a sideshow-which obstinately kept thrusting itself center-stage.
People thrusting their hands through the taxi window, begging.
When they nurse they suckle desperately, thrusting out their tongue.
Then he raises his head and lunges, thrusting his right hand above him and catching a rock hold with his fingertips.
Designed for stabbing or thrusting, it imposed a specific style of fighting.
It's flatter and more slender than those of other bears, all the better for thrusting into the dens and breathing holes of seals.
For decades he was famous for his intricately configured offices and houses, with their long cantilevers and thrusting volumes.
Fashion stands condemned for thrusting trends from nowhere on unsuspecting customers.
When sedimentation rate is faster than the thrusting activity, the slope basins are completely filled giving rise to terraces.

Famous quotes containing the word thrusting

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