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Also essential were the thrust of power, the lift of influence, the energy of competing egos.
She thrust her face at mine and opened wide her enormous mouth to show me her teeth, and swam away.
It would simply be uncivil to thrust such a raw disagreement in people's faces.
The main thrust of the work is contained in the still image at top.
People looked dazed, as anyone would, so thrust into desolation from delight.
It had been thrust into a precarious outpost without proper supervision, defensive precautions, or logistical support.
Suddenly the snake thrust its flat head toward the teacher's cheek.
The deathblow is delivered with a quick thrust of the sharp bill, and the prey is swallowed whole.
Working the bellows of the forge with one hand, he used the other to thrust the bar into a bed of blazing coals.
Lovers in different shapes and sizes thrust cameras at me to take their photos.
While he thus hung by the arms, he was slain by a spear thrust through his body at the level of the armpits.
He opened his mouth to shout, and the corner of the sheet was thrust between his teeth.
Highly exothermic chemical reactions are needed to thrust spacecraft into the air.
The north component provides additional thrust to the sail further increasing its speed.
The apparently decreasing airspeed will result in the auto throttle system increasing thrust to maintain the desired airspeed.
They can rise a few feet from the ocean bottom, or thrust thousands of feet high into the water column.
This, in my opinion, was the main thrust of the article.
The thrust of his piece is that such behavior is driven by an evolutionary drive to compete for mates and hormones.
Some will argue with the details but the thrust of the argument is simple.
Creditor countries want the thrust to be on national responsibility and penalties for rule-breakers.
And no citizen should even think of turning up to sample the cut and thrust of parliamentary debate.
Modern medicine offers doctors a panoply of less invasive tools to thrust inside disease-stricken bodies.
It is difficult enough to convince them of an argument as part of the normal cut-and-thrust of political conversation.
On the one hand the thrust of his proposals should make the schemes a lot more affordable.
But the main thrust of activity has come from the foreign ministry.
After his brief comments, he thrust his right arm into the air several times, making a peace sign.
Has an instinctive, quick thrust in his get-off and carries his pads well.
Landmarks anchored to bedrock are thrust skyward as the rest of the city drops.
But the thrust of what he's saying is applicable to everyone.
They don't wish to have attention thrust upon them for things not of their choosing.

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You could not hate the cannibal they wrote Of, with the nostril bone-thrust, who could dote On boiled or ro... more
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