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Example sentences for throw

He could throw it all out, he realized, or maybe put it in storage.
It's time to throw off the frump and embrace the lovely and stylish.
Time to throw the garbage out and put the money elsewhere where it actually does some good.
When it's time to throw a party, seemingly humble stews are often overlooked.
To do this, it typically seeks data from colleges and universities, which typically throw all sorts of obstacles in the way.
But voters' ability to throw the rascals out at regular intervals is still the indispensable sine qua non.
To throw a curve means to do something startling or unexpected.
It is physically impossible to throw a baseball slower than your arm is moving.
That's when he found out that he could throw from both hands.
Artichokes add a real earthiness to this hearty weeknight stew that's a snap to throw together.
Perhaps there is no real need to throw away the whole film.
Throw a simple switch, however, and software from any source may be installed.
Throw an apple core in the street, and you're littering.
Throw in some veggies and you've got yourself a well-balanced meal in a few minutes.
Throwing things is as easy as holding the stick in the direction you want to throw and letting go of the trigger.
If you are sick, then stay in your dorm and throw up in a bucket.
Throw in a few other such monsters and it is no wonder that broad studies have tended to find that mergers are a bad idea.
Throw it in your compost pile, and you're doing a good deed.
New pix throw cold water on reports of recently flowing streams.
Throw in the missing ballots, and the situation is hopeless.
Coolest find: a super-soft felt throw of churro wool made in the high desert north of town.
They were used for a long time but now its high time that it gets throw away for the good of mankind.
But they would rather take the ladder away and throw a stone instead of offering a helping hand.
If you want to expand the variety of ground feeders, throw out some white millet where the sunflower seeds fall.
If it still does not come out to zero, throw in the cost of providing oil subsidies and tax breaks for oil companies.
White paint and modern accessories throw period details such as the banister into relief.
Shifting ocean currents could throw some cold water on global warming over the next decade, a new study suggests.
If you're hankering for stew, you can always throw a few cubes of pumpkin into the pot.
And use bits of sailcloth or canvas for throw pillows or upholstery.
Of course, the weather can throw a monkey wrench in any observation plans.
Almost all of them are quietly hoping they won't throw up.
Hall called the bartender a dozen unprintable names, threatened to throw a bottle at him, and had to be restrained.
Throw them on a plate or in a bowl and spend more time relaxing than preparing your food.
We need laws to mandate everyone recycle, especially, in our throw away society.
Plus when your done with it, throw it in water for bubbly fun.
It was a metabolic oddity that could throw off further laboratory results.
Today's circuits throw off about half as much, but future chips will run hotter and may require liquid cooling.
Throw some jalapeno peppers in with your potato mix to add a kick.
Without them, the population of smaller fish would grow too big, which would throw the ocean's food chain out of whack.
Throw your seeds with your eyes blind and you will grow something.
Most people wouldn't want to live within a stone's throw of a volcano.
The fishers cut the fins off and throw the shark, often alive, back in the water.
When you get handed the second place trophy, you want to throw it on the ground and beat it to a pulp with your nine iron.
Don't simply list the courses you've taught or throw out a lot of buzzwords.
If factories wait until the fifth year to throw in the towel, they will get nothing.
Confessing to a crime usually is not enough to throw you behind bars.
Take two popular topics, throw them in the blender, and let an artist create a t-shirt.
But some polls throw up genuinely disturbing information.
However, he has me trained by now to unshell the peanut for him and throw out the kernels.
But his spell as chairman did not seem to throw the company off balance.
But possibly your new colleagues will throw a festival for you upon your arrival.
Some people do not get this and throw everything and the kitchen sink at it.
The book suggested that when they throw a tantrum, give it a minute or two and then offer a hug.
Jazz up your living room with some new throw pillows.
For a lady, by definition, cannot throw a left hook.
The glove allows you to reach out and pick up an artificial object, say a ball, and throw it.
Sure, you can throw the ball around with the wee ones or reconnect with that pickup basketball league you've been putting off.
Players move round by throwing four coins and progressing as many squares as they throw heads.
Throw away the red brush of anthers in the middle when you're done, and have another one.
Okay, it's a hammer throw game, but the cow makes it.
Don't over-do it on the scratch because it will throw off the percentage of protein they need in their diet.
One of those is that, thanks to its tiny sensor, it can't throw a background out of focus whilst keeping the subject sharp.
But it is important not to throw out all the insights of efficient-market enthusiasts.
Throw out some highly emotionally charged statement.
Or roll the scapes in olive oil, then throw them onto the barbecue grill briefly.
Throw a new-media party, and you'll end up with an inebriated crowd and a big bill.
It is not enough to throw him in the gutter: that is his natural habitat.
We throw away good food because it is not in exceptable appearance to the consumer eyes.
Super-rugged frame and tires will take anything you throw at them.
Throw a pair of coveralls over it to provide modesty, and you're good to go.
Throw away bottles that have contained pesticides, herbicides, motor oil and other hazardous materials.
Another rationale is to preserve everyone's ability to throw out wild-eyed ideas that diverge with their bosses' prerogatives.
They'd throw a couple of nickels, a couple of dimes here and there.
The benefit of this is that you can throw a bunch of these guys down until you get the bugs worked out.
Some are trying to persuade consumers to throw away less.
The final factor to throw into the mix is the effect of tighter regulation.
Well you can throw enough money at a problem or you can throw enough people at it.
On the other, a stone's throw down a cliff, is a small slum-a monument to desperation and government failure.
They are not only placed in a full light themselves, but may throw light on their correspondent ideas, which lie in obscurity.
It would throw together languages that differ utterly in spirit merely because of a certain external formal resemblance.
He was standing, hat and gloves in hand, but before departing he felt disposed to throw off a few more intellectual phrases.
Throw technology into the mix and the questions become even more explicit.
Some may even throw in part-time use of the departmental technician for one year at no extra charge.
If you're going to throw your door open to the larger academic community, it helps to have a door.
In any disagreement, you need to throw in with your chair.
So only the ones that feel somewhat confident in their results throw their hat into the ring.
Twist your upper body so your shoulders open to face your target as you throw.
Except when you're finished making tea, you drink the tea and throw out the leaves.
Throw in the retro fad and the push to go green and it makes perfect sense.
He split the difference, making his way to the free throw line and taking a jump shot.
Throw out the names of other firms that would be overjoyed to hire your chum.
So with more money to throw around, why wouldn't they.
They then proceed to throw all the bread into the water.
But throw a group of fire ants into the water, come back the next day, and they'll still be floating.
Don't hesitate to green bag and throw out bedding and clothing that show even the remotest signs of nesting.
It might allow us to throw some light on whether or not spoken language could have existed long before a written one.
When heading into a project review or audit, throw the reviewers a few obvious problems to notice.
Throw in the towel and start digging ditches, or anything productive.
Add words about mouthfeel, throw in some creative metaphors and you're well on your way to true wine snobbery.
Time to throw some money into growing the green economy as a jobs maker.
Throw a little seminary training on top and you have a decent measure of the guy-complicated, interested, clever and unbounded.
It is exciting for the kids, who get to throw live birds into the air and watch them fly away.
Never throw anything overboard, and be aware of marine life in the waters around you.
Throw in the odd iceberg to make things more interesting.
Some kind of throw must be made in those situations.
Throw in your cinnamon and roll it around in there until you can smell it.
Perhaps throw in an additional tax credit for paying down debt.
But throw them out into the street and they are presently in the dock.
Each time you're working on something, throw your whole self into the balance of what you're doing.
If the government loses, it looks bad, and is less tempted to throw its weight around.
Perhaps it's the ability to throw in new characters.
Should a guard confiscate your headphones during a cell shakedown, seek the earliest opportunity to throw a cup of urine on him.
Umpires, the rule goes on, are required to penalize a pitcher by calling a ball every time it takes too long to deliver a throw.
And inspiring to see him throw away his career for it.
They pound the drums, they hold down the low end, they throw up the horns.
He thinks of hiding it, then decides to step outside into the snowstorm, and throw it into the farmer's field.
It was decided to throw him into the sea on a raft when he came down.
It's a voice from a place where kids throw rocks at tanks, where people pull down walls with their bare hands.
She hesitates to throw away even the smallest things.
Look at a swatch of it and you will want to throw your hair into a side ponytail and make a bowl of microwave popcorn.
People either throw up their hands in horror or shudder politely.
It's harder to throw a tantrum at work and not face consequences.
He does not lobby, organize fund-raisers, or attempt to throw levers of power to which he has no access.
We write poems about our daddies taking us fishing and breaking our hearts by making us throw the little fish back into the river.
They appear at a time when all the errors on which they throw light are being intensified.
Then there is always the possibility that the life will throw light on the books and deepen our understanding of them.
When otherwise at a loss for a rock to throw, he questions the intellectual honesty of the author.
His letters also throw real and sensuous light on the actual poems themselves as they were being written.
Oil firms give codenames to their drilling sites, to throw rivals off the scent of where they are finding oil.
When you have the feeling, then stay with it, and don't let anyone throw you off.
Rather, you should be able to take your work, throw it out there for the world to see and decide if it's great.
If a driver doesn't own one, throw one in with the financing of the car-it would be a relatively cheap add-on.
Teachers would throw a word at us and ask how to spell it.
Throw a quantum superposition into the mix and the biologists who ponder these problems are likely to implode.
Throw eco-concern into the mix and it can become a bit overwhelming.
It's served us well for three decades, withstanding every challenge that particle accelerators could think to throw at it.
It's sometimes quite appalling to see how much food people throw away in restaurants.
So you can throw them away or use them to help others.
Throw in the added factor of magnetism, and physicists can make only rough guesses about what happens in these hellish settings.
It disgusts me that governments throw addicts in jail for simple drug possession.
Posters want to throw this energy source in the faces of skeptics as a safe alternative but ignore this environmental consequence.
While it may help clear up some mysteries, it seems to throw others wide open.
Even a slight warp in the detector itself can throw off the measurements, as can a hundred other possible errors.
Nothing is impossible as long as you throw enough money at it.
Since program resets seem to be all the rage, let me throw a left field option out there.
And throw some proper optics in there while you're at it.
Snuggle under this soft and warm tapestry throw while your favorite feline friend purrs in your lap.
But a true scientist will throw out the existing theory if they have a lot of data that cannot be explained.
All it will need is for someone to throw the switch.
So throw your mind forward a few decades, and try out the following screenplay.
Throw on sliced zucchini or summer squash or eggplant, lightly seasoned.
We should slap a padlock on his house and throw him in prison for five years.
All of these are great at recounting the story, but none throw the delectable smell of shallots cooking in butter into the mix.
Next time, throw in some mushrooms or a handful of barley.

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