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Clean water comes through a self-coiling hose that's fed by a ground-level hose bib under the table.
Plastic foam flats with tapered individual cells are sold by nurseries and through seed catalogs.
High school students wary of dissection may be in the clear, thanks to a newly bred see-through goldfish.
The goal: to represent the creatures that lived in or moved through that space.
The team then sorted through their habitat cubes, coaxing out every inhabitant, down to a size of about a millimeter.
The mystery of time and the possibilities of traveling through it raise some of the thorniest questions in physics.
In the first activity, students learn about the history and significance of kimonos through online or library research.
We urge them to see through the hype and focus on what really matters instead.
We will also consider essays that explore some aspect of the larger academic community through the author's personal experience.
It fired a contractor halfway through the job when the building was past due.
It's easy to find solitude in parks, on country roads, or pathways through dense forests.
As you move through your doctoral program, you will need the support of your colleagues.
Upon finally calling the meeting to order, he would amble through the subject matter with no apparent objective.
To ignore the sin of lying and blame someone who is trying to cut through the veil of secrecy is reprehensible.
Plants lose water through microscopic pores in their leaves and stems, known as stomata.
The bird, perched unblinking on a low branch not ten feet away, hooted a rising scale as if whistling through a slide flute.
Aftershocks shuddered through the area all day and into the evening, when a driving rain picked up, hampering rescue efforts.
The easiest way for the protest to develop may be through more civil disobedience.
Yet a ray of sunshine is breaking through the storm clouds.
Take the rigmarole it puts users through when they wish to close an account.
In almost every case they did so only once the government had got through the bulk of its legislative business.
Worse, there is no discussion with the line manager about implications or follow-through.
Then, to add to your troubles, you see a small blob ooze through a nearby crack.
After a harrowing journey through the patient's body, the scientists succeed: the clot is destroyed and the patient cured.
Most consumers do not even know which designers are available through luxury e-tailers until they become members.
The electrolyte is stored in an external tank and pumped through the battery's cells to convert chemical energy into electricity.
However, dark matter does make itself known through its gravity.
One popular method is to insert long, thin, flexible tubes called catheters into the body and administer treatment through them.
When post offices try to improve their service they sometimes send an electronic probe through the mail.
They want to promote science literacy through great story telling in a character-driven story.
As a physician it is often difficult to follow through with scientific recommendations.
To understand how a mirage forms, one must first understand how light travels through air.
Thicker clouds look darker than thinner ones, which let more light through and so appear white.
New airport x-ray sees through clothes without revealing details.
Nitrogen is thus denser than helium and sound waves travel through it more slowly than they do in helium.
Typically, a low-energy neutrino will travel through many light-years of normal matter before interacting with anything.
We should not only let light from all part of the universe through our telescopes, but also through our sincere heart.
The latter is characteristic of a tsunami, conserving energy after travelling thousands of kilometres through water.
Through the years, evolution has cooked up some pretty remarkable adaptations.
In fact, aircraft often trigger lightning when flying through a heavily charged region of a cloud.
The investigators say drugs and tanning lamps might hook you through similar means, including peer pressure.
The arteries branch out at the brain, carrying blood over and through the organ.
Here's a quick tour through the playlist and what its selections mean politically.
Brainy but easily distracted, the author barely made it through high school and dropped out of college.
What extraordinary resonance he captures merely through the music of the poem.
Then, construction jobs could still be created through renovation projects.
It cracked through the thin wood door of the back closet and the heavy pointed hook drove through his heart.
Meanwhile, supply is likely to decline further through austerity.
Pour mixture through a fine sieve into a large bowl, gently pressing on solids, and discard solids.
Strain broth through a fine-mesh sieve into a large pot, discarding solids.
Immediately strain through a fine-mesh sieve into a metal bowl, pressing on and then discarding solids.
Pour purée through a sieve into a bowl, pressing on solids with back of a spoon.
Strain through a fine-mesh sieve into a bowl, discarding solids.
Remove and discard chicken, then pour broth through a fine-mesh sieve into a large bowl.
Strain broth through a sieve into a bowl, discarding solids.
Their flavors accent and complement the ice cream, letting the nuances of the dairy come through.
Pour juices from roasting pan through a fine-mesh sieve into a small heavy saucepan.
But as it lingered on my tongue, the faint taste of wet forest floor came through-not my favorite flavor in the world.
Strain custard through a fine-mesh sieve into a metal bowl.
But his best results have often come through more inventive means: video games, optical illusions, physical challenges.
Moments later, a first shift of people was ushered through the door and the dispensing of meal tickets began.
By the end of the decade, they were collaborating-send- ing research materials back and forth through the mail.
The mouse crashes through, leaving a mouse-shaped hole.
Tells about the history of scalping and the numerous attempts by public officials to prevent it through anti-scalping laws.
In response, she has wondered whose blood runs through her veins.
We usually had curators guiding us through and that made all the difference to the experience.
The top image shows blood flow from left to right through the device.
Explicit memory involves facts learned through conscious interaction, while implicit memory involves unconscious retention.
Even then, tumor cells may remain deeply lodged, replicating and spreading quickly through healthy brain tissue.
Marketers sift through a trillion tweets and blogs for nuggets of wisdom.
If everybody knew about that they could optimize their movement through the city based on overall conditions.
Traditional wastewater treatment involves forcing air through the water to aerate it.
However, customers won over through low prices can be easy to lose.
They kept their craft aloft through an entire night on stored solar energy.
These flexible discs carry oxygen throughout the body, squeezing through the smallest capillaries to do so.
For instance, one type of game involves a player moving through a landscape visiting a number of locations.
So it's easy to see how a chain reaction of firings can sweep through the brain if conditions are ripe.
In the current version of the system, a patient must breathe through a tube for about five minutes.
Our hands sliced through the cases until the skin around our fingers bled.
But few people have the will or ability to think the universe through from scratch.
But all civil and criminal cases still go through the normal judicial system.
How to cut through the info blitz and actually get some work done.
These two wounds had resulted from the single stab-wound through the abdominal wall.
Once the twist occurs, blood cannot drain out of the ovary through its veins.
Moving through water, the dolphin was able to attain the average speed of a car driven in the city.
Not with your eyes, not through a telescope, not through binoculars.
He and others went on to show that a slight pulse of electricity moving through the metal to the nerve was responsible.
On a large fish, he has to cut through nearly an inch of muscle.
In addition, some of the starlight gets filtered through the planet's atmosphere.
It grows through the uterine lining and muscle to the outer covering of the uterus.
Qi flows through the body and to the organs by way of an extensive system of channels known as meridians.
As in having the effect of a brick through the window, or a round of mortar fire.
Born drug-addicted, premature and underweight, she's gone through life dealing with unpredictable medical issues.
They walk through mountains, forests and marshes for over forty hours.

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