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The climate is fantastic, and cross-border business is thriving.
Biologists have controlled the coyote population, and the wolves are thriving.
The skeleton was a thriving oasis in a vast, desertlike expanse.
There are plenty of examples of paid content thriving even when free alternatives are available.
They found oases of animals thriving in the sunless depths around hydrothermal vents.
But deer are also thriving because of the ways people have carved up the countryside, unwittingly creating prime deer habitat.
Experience the world of this thriving religious community.
Yet beneath the bandages, globalisation is thriving.
Now, however, the gray seals are thriving while harbor seal populations are plummeting.
Three decades later, gold is once again thriving on despair.
Worldwide fascination with these giants fuels a thriving industry.
Local tribes have been thriving for centuries because they were living in harmony with nature and conserving the resources.
But jellyfish are thriving and appear poised for a takeover.
It's an interesting and compelling portrait of a thriving subculture.
But a revamped version of afternoon tea is thriving.
These used to be thriving places, where people bought furniture and other household goods.
The plant is a survivor, thriving from marshes to near-deserts.
In a generally dismal climate for media companies two outfits are thriving.
Which is why aquaculture is thriving as wild stocks decrease.
The basin leads the nation in oyster production and has a thriving blue crab population.
In the park's ponds, thriving communities of algae can turn the water blue or green.
However, for other species a ban has merely spawned a thriving illegal trade.
The had moved in from the bay and though not exactly thriving they were living in the creek.
Thriving ocean ecosystems are important for the health of the entire planet.
The only energy that is realistic for the long-term thriving of the species is solar.
There is also a thriving fishing industry, providing shrimp and oysters.
Today it has posted a spectacular recovery and is healthy and thriving.
Now, no one hunts the tigers, and the animals are thriving.
Inside the caves, however, populations appear to be thriving.
Planted last summer, the bamboo is expected to be thriving within three years.
While the high and low ends are thriving, the middle of the market is in trouble.
It booted up the natural cell's machinery and busily set to work making proteins and, ultimately, dividing and thriving.
There were times the oceans were warmer than now, and life on this planet was thriving, plentiful and evolving.
If fossil fuel declines, it will only be because green technology is thriving.
Far more compelling are the bacteria that have been found thriving deep underground.
There are even more advanced organisms living near deep sea hot water vents that appear to be thriving.
The goal in each case is to create a thriving business so the private equity firm can sell its investment stake at a profit.
There was likely an oversupply for some time even towards the latter part of the boom when the industry was thriving.
Fallows contends that the world can become multi-polar, and can have many thriving economies.
Small-scale investigations of genetic variation are thriving.
It's another thing to foster a thriving ecosystem that creates opportunities in research and development.
They boast extraordinary faculties and also offer students thriving social lives.
Germans, famously thrifty, had an easier time thriving in a global balance sheet recession.
But five years later, a dozen content-over-broadband companies are thriving.
And smartphone photography wouldn't be the thriving phenomenon that it is today.
Information management is the fuel for our thriving civilization.
Many of the nation's smaller papers have their own advantage-they're the only news source in town-and many are thriving.
So this is the edge of uncertain awareness on which an outwardly happy and thriving society is poised.
Then, besides the forests, there is other thriving life in these cold waters.
See prehistoric predators still thriving in the oceans of today in these breathtaking videos.
Populations at the edges of the species' range are thriving, but these trees are less genetically diverse, experts warn.
Today, though hunting has been reinstated, populations are thriving.
Now grown up, with two cubs of her own, she was thriving in the wild.
Their beliefs about the physical and spiritual landscape put a premium on humans thriving in more temperate areas.
Home is where your heart is, and your focus this year will be to grow and expand the networks that keep those home fires thriving.
He has made that belief the basis of a thriving career as a soloist, as an ensemble player and as a composer for the accordion.
Online brand-protection services, which track counterfeiters on the web for their clients, are also thriving.
Its history also includes a gold rush, an energy boom and the development of a thriving farm sector.
No country has a thriving retail market where consumers constantly switch between providers.
Much of the province is flat and fertile farmland, and there is some thriving small industry as well.
Economies must be free to reinvent themselves and allow thriving industries to replace ailing ones.
In the long term, thriving farms and open markets provide a secure food supply.
No part of the housing market is thriving, but lenders with less exotic portfolios can sleep a little easier.
Political pundits may claim that society is becoming atomised, but online communities are thriving and growing.
But they are thriving for special occasions and sport.
Through vision and perseverance, they create thriving companies.
It also has a thriving all-terrain-vehicle business.
Newspapers are suffering while online news is thriving.
One member of the species pair faces survival challenges, while the other is thriving.

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