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Had she been living today, she might have been any of the mystery or thriller writers who write a book a year.
Everybody now believes he or she can write the next highly acclaimed indie character study or the next blockbuster thriller.
But, as in a thriller, no sooner had the book's trajectory been established than it was reversed.
But then something unexpected happens, the kind of reversal you need in any effective thriller.
For a vampire thriller, your book has an awful lot of actual history in it.
It could have taken up several pages of a spy thriller.
It is part horror, part thriller, featuring a couple of hitmen on a mercenary killing spree.
Which may be one reason why, as a setting, it lends itself so well to the imagination of thriller writers.
Their attempts to find a solution have sometimes seemed to spring from the pages of an overwrought thriller.
The whole scenario can be likened to a movie thriller.
It's not a techno thriller, heavy on great bureaucracies colliding.
He wanders into the office of a talent agent and signs a contract to work in a mega-buck action thriller, or so he thinks.
Instead, it's a spin on a conventional genre: a chat-room thriller with racy computerese patter.
At which point a promising political comedy turns into a somewhat less engaging political thriller.
It helped establish the popular genre of the legal thriller and became a model for courtroom dramas.

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