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Example sentences for thrilled

She is understandably thrilled to have some time to focus on long-gestating projects.
Most of us would be thrilled to have that kind of student.
She will not remember this experience fondly, and won't be particularly thrilled to offer you research help later.
Applicants are thrilled to commit that kind of time if the committee is genuinely interested in hiring them.
The military personnel did not seem thrilled at its mention.
To which, and to my complete and thrilled surprise, he agreed.
And leaves me thrilled with a sense of strange adventure.
Their address is usually listed on the publication and they are often thrilled to have someone interested in their research.
So thrilled to see our little podcast mentioned here.
Reading them today, our reviewer is thrilled by their genius.
The father of evolution would be thrilled to see the science his theory has inspired.
Promotional ads were being shot, and internal beta testers were thrilled.
Most are thrilled by the idea of export growth, but cower at the prospect of more imports.
Environmentalists, though thrilled, know they still have a long way to go.
Although the protection is not as extensive as they had hoped, environmental groups are thrilled.
Nigerians seemed thrilled with the show on its opening night.
Equity markets would be thrilled at the prospect, but the risk is that investors get addicted.
Which means we're not thrilled to have our religion represented by a bunch of homophobes wearing miters.
So they are thrilled that their plentiful river could give them light all day long.
We are thrilled today also to have his family join us.
It was obvious to all that they were thrilled to be part of the keel laying event.
The aviators thrilled large crowds by performing fake dogfights, walking on the plane's wings, and swinging from the landing gear.

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