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Paradoxical as it may seem, it is the poor who are the spendthrifts, and the rich who are thrifty.
There are those with spendthrift genotypes and those with thrifty genotypes.
So we've decided to focus our latest blog carnival on budget-conscious recipes and thrifty shopping strategies.
Sometimes you want to live large, sometimes you need to live thrifty.
Logic even allows you to use your qwerty keyboard to specify notes if you're feeling especially thrifty.
In the past few days, though, the finance minister may have wished that he was equally thrifty with his words.
Thrifty choices in this cabin's kitchen include a mix of open shelves and laminate cabinets.
It's all about possibilities, and of course about being thrifty.
If government was too thrifty before, it looks downright stingy in the light of new information.
Thrifty choices in this kitchen include a mix of open shelves and laminate cabinets.
If you're a thrifty phone shopper, please log in and contribute.
But some labels will disappear, as the roles they used to play get chopped up and delivered by more thrifty services.
For instance, right now it is rational for individuals to be thrifty.
They may have had the right idea given that the virtuous and thrifty went down anyway.
My grandfather was so thrifty that every time a light bulb burned out, he'd place it in a bushel basket.
One is to accept the range limit and design small, thrifty vehicles specialised for city use.
Those who follow a thrifty policy could be jailed for holding back economic growth.
Around the pond, water-thrifty perennials and shrubs provide splashes of color.
The coward calls himself cautious, the miser thrifty.
These thrifty people are not only crowding into the tenements of this once exclusive district- they are buying them.
Germans, famously thrifty, had an easier time thriving in a global balance sheet recession.
But often the cuisine's thrifty use-what's-on-hand creativity is bolstered by bursts of decadent combination.
But my thrifty neighbors would never approve such a frivolous thing.
It's smart to be thrifty, particularly in this day with food.
Sincere thanks for all the thoughtful reactions to my post on the thrifty and predictive brain.
It has long survived on a more tidy and thrifty character.
They describe a cuisine that is thrifty and simple and delicious.
From the government's point of view, turning nuclear sites into nature reserves is thrifty environmentalism.
Yet, however unfair it may seem to the thrifty, rate cuts are needed to boost the overall economy.
In such a thrifty economy, interest rates should be low, credit should be readily available and investment should be high.
The private sector must be allowed to thrive, and the public sector must become more thrifty.
We haven't become as thrifty as some economists might have expected.
Hotel rooms have become habitats to thrifty kangaroo rats that live on seeds and minuscule amounts of moisture.
In this country renowned for its culture and beauty, a thrifty traveler doesn't need to be overwhelmed by costly options.
More buyers are opting for lower-priced compacts with less exotic, but still fuel-thrifty technology.
The saltine doesn't merely serve as thrifty butter extender, as handy where's-the-thermometer crispiness insurance.
Stay close to home, patient and thrifty, while you earn valuable skills.

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