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He then grabbed the palette and brushes from her hands and threw them to the floor.
The next one she set on a gatepost outside a cottage, and the next she threw right over a fence so that he landed in a flower bed.
They threw food at her and never went in to clean the cage because they were afraid of her.
In their terror some soldiers threw down their guns, put their hands in the air and begged to be taken prisoner.
The farmer jumped back and threw his left hand over his mouth.
She quickly traced my role in this subversive plot, took me outside, and threw me against a wall.
And that they threw real money at these programs to get them to work.
It was a white ship with a high prow that threw a wide shadow.
One guy started out friendly, then threw my agent and me out of his office.
In the first round it purchased securities to help stabilize the financial system after the crisis threw it out of whack.
He threw himself down as he was dragged aft and managed to lodge himself under the stern deck.
Back when the financial crisis struck, investors threw up their hands and began screaming about the rating agencies' incompetence.
Local politicians and officeholders threw obstacles in his way.
They took away our stuff, tied us up, threw us in the back of the truck.
When they'd released them all, they tied a piece of scrap steel to a buoy with a long cable and threw that over as well.
We also threw in a few new destinations to keep things interesting.
Trees once threw broken shade for the entire three-mile walk to a main road.
Panicked sardines threw themselves into the air and splashed back into the melee.
Then she threw her shuttle into the well, and jumped in after it.
Some scientists on these digs removed artifacts, such as pottery, but threw away charcoal and animal bones.
Housing was practically free, and the government threw up endless apartment blocks and modern houses for all who needed them.
Taking pity on our wretched appearance, drivers slowed down and threw loaves of bread out of their cars.
The stellar cannibal flared in brightness and threw off a shell of gas after devouring a large chunk of a helpless companion.
They couldn't visualize the flight of a spear through the air and so never threw the spear.
There are emergency batteries located threw out the aircraft under the floor and behind overhead bins.
It reached me several weeks later and threw me into a panic.
He threw the wheel and closed his face with his hands.
We threw the chair pieces out and mom bought him a new chair.
But he threw himself into learning all there was to know about its production and consumption.
And that's because it threw doubt on the hockey stick.
As he mounted a ladder to scale the walls he was struck on the head by a fragment of rock, which the besieged threw down upon him.
He threw them up without ceasing, the three last days of his life, with a stench which he himself could not bear.
He threw into the effort all the ardour of a generous and enthusiastic nature.
But reflecting that this was a temptation of the devil, he threw the apple on the ground, and trod upon it.
Nelly, paralyzed by worry about her new colleagues, threw up three times on the morning of the first faculty meeting.
The video shows he was never close enough to do so and never threw a single punch at any of the officers who attacked him.
After the losses first came to light, he threw a couple of senior bodies to the hounds and hinted at wrenching changes.
The guttering fire in the hearth threw irregular shadows into the room.
It was on one such occasion the horse was frightened by the cheers and threw him.
At night, he emptied out the bag and put the lines together as poems, which he threw into another bag and forgot.
Carol threw herself into role-playing tests with gusto.
Halfway home, he stumbled out of the car and threw up.
It's a sure bet the impacts threw out a lot of debris which blanketed the area.
It was the valuable clue that threw the case wide open.
We really threw the kitchen sink at the structure to figure out as much about it as possible.
But possessed by the meticulousness of a scientist, he never threw them away.
Your introduction lacked poignancy because you threw it out there without thinking about it.
It threw so much ash in the atmosphere that the global average temperature dropped over a degree.
If they threw paper, they'll do scissors next, so you should play rock.
Now you guys know that the rover threw it out there and took pictures of it.
They took off their hats and threw them up in the air.
Those who didn't have hats took off their coats and threw them instead.
He dropped ballerinas on the floor, threw dinner plates at people, and blew his nose on hotel towels.
He'd recognized her only when she threw her unguarded, emphatic glance at everyone behind her in the queue-boldly but blindly.
Kunitz was repotting a plant at the time and threw it in the president's face.
If you threw it high into the air, the string unwound and the parachute blossomed.
She threw a sideways glance at her seatmate, checking to see if she was impressed.
When she threw one of her dinner parties, there were hand-made invitations, a dress code.
To capture the hog, he and his fellow hunters threw him down and put steel handcuffs on him.
He came at me, crashed over a chair that was already broken, then threw the pieces.
He carried a newspaper in one hand and, in the other, a briefcase so heavy it threw his stride slightly off balance.
The guy threw the paper on the floor-it was fully aflame by then-and jumped on it.
He then developed a shower gel and expanded into a small factory, where he lived and threw all-night raves to help pay the rent.
He screamed obscenities at the television, threw his loafers at the screen, and stormed out of the room several times.
In the case of the flowers, though the new big vase did wonders for the window, it threw off the balance of the room.
Alas, the careful planning was nearly undone by an overwhelming tragedy that threw plans for the meeting into doubt.
Then she went outside and threw up and peed in the bushes.
Furious, she managed to find a custard pie and threw it in his face.
Finally, someone threw a rock at the head of the dog so that the police could approach and remove the bodies from the train.
They jeered, they teased and they even threw rocks, all determined to get their biggest desire.
Then he thought it was when the fans at an opposing team's arena threw flashlights and coins at him.
During the fight she kicked and scratched an officer and threw a small table.
In that case, anything you threw downstream would move away from you faster than something that you threw upstream.
During the foot chase the subject threw a loaded firearm to the ground and he was arrested a short distance away.

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