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But quickly he returned to the present, the threshold of the future.
Only then do you cross the threshold into being a real explorer with the determination to see something epic happen.
When surface temperatures rise to a comfortable threshold, they emerge.
The threshold for a master's degree is three per year, and for a doctorate, it's two per year.
Both operate campuses where estimates of the three-year-default rates approached the threshold.
In addition, there is no legal threshold for how much pain and suffering an animal can be exposed to in experiments.
If your income drops below a certain threshold, you pay nothing.
But the top five reinsurers are well past that threshold.
Malnutrition rates in some areas are five times more severe than the threshold aid agencies use to define a crisis.
He vowed to continue campaigning until someone crossed the magic delegate threshold.
Labour unrest is already resulting in large wage hikes, which could be the threshold to accelerating inflation.
So the pressure increases asymptotically with depth up to a threshold.
It reduced the nuclear threshold near to zero, and was vigorously opposed by arms control advocates.
Finally, there is the jam in which the speed drops to zero when the traffic density rises above some threshold.
In fact, at this frequency, the unidirectional amplification actually lowers the threshold at which signals can be detected.
If the post rate rises above some predetermined threshold, then the system decides that this event has occurred.
Hence they must have a threshold and physical bits must have a threshold as well.
After certain threshold the objects are becoming irregular and fuzzy again.
He stretched himself on her threshold, and uttered his complaints to the cruel bolts and bars.
Swearing that never again my foot should cross over that threshold.
The shadow still palpitated loosely on the threshold.
The place to pause is on the threshold-not half-way in the room.
He had no sooner met my looks than he stepped across the threshold.
On crossing the threshold, the writer felt an absolute certainty that this was the place for him.
She could talk to me, but only from the other side of the threshold, and she had to avert her head when she exhaled.
The images of this horrifying chapter of our history have never really crossed the threshold of the national consciousness.
In fact, the more the patient exercises correctly, the higher his pain threshold becomes.
To keep a bistable system firmly in one state or the other, it should be kept away from the transition threshold.
Under this system utilities and factories will need federal permits for sulfur emissions that exceed a certain threshold.
The only disagreement seemed to be the critical threshold.
All these tasks involve making judgments about who or what does or does not achieve a certain threshold of validity or excellence.
Most scientists agree that beyond some critical threshold, climate change is irreversible and probably catastrophic.
Many tax credits don't apply to them, if they're phased out for people with income above a certain threshold.
Otherwise they will be unable to cross the next technological threshold that emerges in human civilization.
If you're unusually lucky and your house does appreciate in value, any gain past a certain threshold is taxable.
Enhanced e-books are thought to be the next major threshold in the digital book universe.
Many of the works that reach that threshold are scholarship, but certainly not all of them.
One way to think about it is that the poor face a lot of problems with threshold effects.
The problem with cap and trade is that it is more vulnerable to gaming, and there are threshold effects.
Seniors who were beneath the affluence-test threshold would receive their private pension on top of full federal benefits.
The threshold is pretty high, and the offenses have to be quite bad.
What complicates this picture is that the threshold separating tactical collection from strategic collection is unclear.
Crossing the threshold from tokenism to actually joining the campaign takes effort.
The overheat threshold is significantly lower than the combustion point of anything in the printer or the room it's in.
The fungus needs a certain threshold temperature to survive.
Until they've crossed that linguistic threshold, the word-combination process doesn't kick in.
But their threshold for thinking they have committed an offense is higher.
The answer isn't the same for everyone because everyone's threshold is different.
The reason being insufficient observations and the inability to expand ideas beyond a threshold, which comes of age.
In many cases, the trigger for that release is thought to be that the fault zone simply reaches a threshold.
At the smell threshold, people might begin feeling other effects such as burning eyes and nose.
So far, the ash has been nothing but a nuisance, but people have a low threshold for nuisances on the whole.
The lights and heat automatically fine-tune to your preference the moment you cross the threshold.
Tactile arousal threshold of sleeping king penguins in a breeding colony.
If the computer then sees that the activator has reached a threshold in a certain segment, it colors that segment.
Note, even with the toxicity caution this is below that threshold.
Once you cross the threshold they can't drag you back, no matter how powerful their lobbyists and marketers are.
Once the recognition threshold is crossed, there is no going back.
People get worked up over controversy, and emotionally invested in topics which cross the threshold of deep emotional commitment.
Also able to notify of local quakes at a much lower threshold.
And he's questioning the scientific validity of the challenge's threshold of proof such that a lucky dazzle-shot may win.
One can dispute the threshold chosen as abnormal, but the measurement is easily verifiable.
The county that was to become her home was on the threshold of enormous growth.
Other research shows the opposite: that midbrain involvement raises the pain threshold.
Under his hypnotic gaze, humanity crossed a threshold from which one could see the abyss.
The higher your threshold for those feelings, the higher your tolerance for risk.
The original version of this story misstated the approximate hearing threshold for humans and marine mammals.

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