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Example sentences for threshing

The chopped material is either cured for later threshing or the herbage and seeds are broad- cast together at time of planting.
In some villages there are still coin-operated threshing machines next to neon coffee-vending machines.
When threshing was over, new straw would be spread and the carpet tacked down again.
From ancient times it has been understood that one should not muzzle an ox while it is threshing.
At each site, a long handled threshing rake was used to collect the aquatic plants.
Our emphasis is to produce high-yielding, lodging resistant cultivars that are also free-threshing.
One-third of these fatalities involved balers, combines, and other harvesting and threshing machines.
The bundles are allowed to dry for threshing later by a combine with a pickup attachment.

Famous quotes containing the word threshing

We are all talkers It is true, but underneath the talk lies The moving and not wanting to be moved, the loose Meaning, u... more
You see, male man was made with five strong senses to gather the truth of things and his mind is a threshingmore
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