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Example sentences for three

There's no need to chill a pie crust for three hours.
All three of these studies concede that graduation rates aren't the final word in college accountability.
Yet the consistency among the three compilations masks large uncertainties in the raw data on which they are based.
Catching three destructive wild pigs is quite a challenge.
Anyone who's ever seen a dog move around on three limbs knows that canines are remarkably resilient creatures.
The park service maintains three cabins in the crater for public use.
At birth they're three feet long and experienced hunters, with a good chance of survival.
He was the second interior secretary to die in an air crash in three years.
But all three books make the case that the ineffectiveness of much philanthropy is actually the fault of the philanthropist.
To demonstrate their understanding of these terms, ask students to write or state sentences that use all three of these words.
Three or four times a day, they would take the water's temperature and record it on a chart.
Use three easy paint techniques to transform a room.
Decker has to fill in missing letters to three letter words after hearing the word pronounced.
We asked three experts to comment on the phenomenon.
There is no word yet on whether the invitation will be issued or whether the three will agree.
Cubs join the pride when they can move well enough to keep up-after about three months.
Three months where the company didn't release a significant new product.
The prime minister must now choose from three options.
In three easy steps, you can replenish your supply of stationery and wrapping paper without spending a penny.
We always planned to make this as a series of two or three movies.
For more than three years, the world's banking system has lived through the equivalent of wartime.
Cheetahs need only drink once every three to four days.
Extending an experiment at the foundation of quantum physics confirms that two is company and three is a crowd.
But economic activity still declined in the last three months of the year.
Vimys made three history-making flights, inspiring the development of long-distance aviation for a skeptical world.
Marine mammals face even steeper odds, with one in three species at risk of disappearing, according to the study.
Genomes of three tropical parasites are sequenced.
Mice healed three times faster than normal after their broken bones were flooded by proteins naturally used to regrow new tissues.
With better breeding and improved techniques, each hectare could accommodate three cows as well as some grain and trees.
Of the modes of persuasion furnished by the spoken word there are three kinds.
Our correspondents discuss three new books exploring the nature of philanthropy in a post-recessional world.
Next suppose the last of the first three is incorrect, but the first two of the first three are correct.
She told me something that has stayed with me: the family had saved for three years to make the trip.
Now suppose there are only three advisors and only one of them always tells the truth.
They offered me three times as an option for the interview.
Three cities, three streets, three distinct styles for your home.
Each side has three chances to persuade readers: opening, rebuttal and closing.
Sample town and country in a region touched by three distinctive historical figures.
The volcano's gas cloud lowers global temperatures by a degree for three years.
Often barely three feet wide and half that deep, the lowly acequia is a hand-dug, lovingly maintained ditch.
Applications must include a cover letter, curriculum vitae, and a list of three references.
Continue layering in this order to create three layers.
In late spring, tubers send up one to three leaves, each divided into three or more leaflets.
And three decades' worth of efforts by private foundations and federal agencies seem to have had only sporadic positive effects.
Feed in-ground plants two or three times during the growing season.
Plant batches of them shoulder-to-shoulder in a pot for three weeks of portable spring color.
Use three or four florist's picks for each pad, and push them completely through pad, well into the straw base.
When new shoots appear in spring, remove all but the two or three strongest and apply a complete fertilizer.
And it is regrettable because it has deprived the business world of three rather better arguments in its defence.
Three college football players died within a week this month.
Another suggested that an applicant claim three dependents when the applicant had none.
Pro basketball players are much more likely to try another three-point shot after making one than after missing one.
So here are four science stories, but only three are true.
Guide number three instructed readers to unite humanity with a living new language.
Use these three components of a marinade to create your own recipe.
Choose no more than three or four colors that appeal to you.
Even when the facts are known, there are two or three versions, each giving a different rendering of what occurred.
She hails from a long line of dancers-she's the seventh generation-and her three daughters followed suit.
The walls of his screening room are lined with posters of the three dozen movies he has scored.
Four small loopholes-three-inch-wide openings in the wall-would have allowed sentries to observe anyone who approached.
Forty-three years ago, a vast honeycomb of coal mines at the edge of the town caught fire.
Two-toed sloths are slightly larger than their three-toed relatives.
All three are mouse lemurs and are as tiny as their name implies.
If a group has three students, have each student make one map and then ask the entire group to collaborate on the fourth map.
Start off two times a week with two sets of four three-minute sprints.
Three more types of freshwater wetlands are bogs, swamps, and vernal pools.
The reason for the vulnerability is the rapid population growth on the coast during the past three decades.
The online version of this article appears in three parts.
The world is three-dimensional, he explained, so let our perception of it be framed in three coordinates.
To look at a three-dimensional object in real life, a set of eyes must do two things.
It has been divided into three parts for presentation online.
We received five submissions, of which only three met the terms of the challenge.
One dollar in various denominations can weigh more than three leather wallets.
Neutrinos come in three varieties: muon, tau, and electron.
As a result, the ring now only fits together if all three types of proteins are present in one particular arrangement.
We see in three dimensions even though images fall on the retina in two.
It won't be your last, that's for sure, which is why we've accompanied them with three different sauces for dipping.
Even so, each of the latter three laureates was able to send a family member to collect the prize.
Four dollars worth of produce purchased wholesale plus three dollars to ferry the merchandise back to their stands.
Three shall be the number thou shalt count, and the number of the counting shall be three.
The ramp is enclosed by cinder-block walls, about three feet high.
Earlier this month, three detainees committed suicide in the camp.
Almost three years ago, the talented singer-songwriter announced that he was taking a break from the music business.
Well, there are three commonplaces on which it repeatedly riffs.
And he wasn't the cinematographer for the first three.

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