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Menacing body posture can be as threatening as a frightening facial expression, according to new research.
Thank you for your reply and concern regarding the role of fertilizer run-off threatening ocean life.
Tourism is regulated so that it encourages the culture instead of threatening it.
Federal authorities charged him with six counts of mailing threatening letters.
Threatening outlets is never a winning strategy, and in many cases it may actually backfire.
The world has enough threatening crises to confront without accepting yet another.
Growing resistance is threatening global malaria-control efforts.
And now that roof is rotting, threatening the structural integrity of the building.
Global warming is threatening travel destinations worldwide.
Threatening e-mails reminding them that this is part of their grade every week might work.
Now a new surge of violence is sweeping through the area-and even threatening neighboring countries.
But now a bureaucratic snag is threatening the scheme.
Standing around chewing the cud, cows don't look especially threatening.
Threatening green skies during a thunderstorm also proved entirely independent of the type of severe weather that came with it.
She makes a habit of going around threatening to shoot people.
Yet an outbreak of nimbyism is threatening the commodity boom.
The bully with improved social skills won't cease threatening you, but rather will threaten you more subtly.
The ability to detect threatening snakes may have shaped the visual system of our primate ancestors, a new study says.
We need to predict in advance when impacts are going to occur and, if necessary, shift the orbits of threatening asteroids.
Its cash reserves were running dry, and the company's credit card processor was threatening to cut off service.
For someone without tenure, these are threatening statements.
Aided by project scientists, community members are working to produce a video that will record the changes threatening their home.
And with critical blood shortages threatening hospitals nationwide, the project would have lifesaving civilian applications.
To a depressingly large number of us, they're downright threatening.
Now, say people close to the review, the staff members are threatening to take their names off the masthead.
However, there is more life threatening damage done by alcohol.
When the bees are lost, this vital ecosystem service is lost too, threatening the food base for the entire region.
The dog, of course, was completely oblivious to the bird's threatening swoops.
In the center is a lit propane tank, its giant flame threatening to incinerate everyone inside.
Treatments for anemia also have potentially life threatening effects.
She said she has already received threatening calls on her cell phone.
Her left eyelid droops almost shut, the lingering effect of a life-threatening stroke.
Most television weathercasters highlight these alerts on the evening news the day before threatening weather.
Under the cloud of threatening war, it is humanity hanging from a cross of iron.
Overstocking is the great danger threatening the stock-raising industry on the plains.
Others beheld suspended over their heads huge rocks, threatening to fall, keeping them in a state of constant alarm.
The air behind me and about me was soon full of threatening cries.
He began to realize something of the threatening complexities of his exalted position.
There was a commotion in the air, made up of many threatening sounds, coming upon us from the sea.
Threatening storm-clouds came over the sky about ten o'clock.
Trends for more meaningful, comforting, and romantic lyric ratings were observed in more threatening social and economic times.
The same goes for other decisions in the future, threatening thousands of jobs.
Such funds are scarce, and infertility is not a life-threatening condition.
Public prosecutors, police and prison officers are threatening similar action.
Its popularity as a tourist haven was threatening to destroy its delicate beauty.
Instead, the government is threatening to withdraw the licences of television stations for alleged breaches of regulations.
Oil prices have been rising lately, threatening to act once more as a weight on consumers and a headwind to growth.
The absence of a sewage system is threatening the cleanliness of the island's underground water sources.
If snow is threatening, you may find yourself sharing a cable car with a farmer and his cows as they take the easy way down.
As a result, in hospitals across the nation, some antibiotics have become powerless against life-threatening infections.
We only do things when life-threatening crises leave us no other choices.
It is important to make frequent, sustained eye contact while being careful not to stare or appear threatening.
These drugs can also trigger excessive weight gain, leading to life-threatening complications such as diabetes or heart disease.
In addition to triggering life-threatening cardiovascular episodes, cocaine can be deadly in another way.
Few invasive species play their threatening parts with as much panache as the northern snakehead.
For many industries, computer system downtime can be costly or even life-threatening.
Further, some of the consequences could be debilitating or life threatening.
Another group, the control subjects, thought about going to the dentist-unpleasant but not life-threatening.
Rising ocean temperatures, one of the many effects of global warming, are threatening coral reefs around the world.
Their mission is to rescue orangutans wherever they are found in a life-threatening situation.
Standing up for one's rights is less likely to be a life-threatening proposition.
Merely walking through an upper-caste neighborhood is a life-threatening offense.
These troublesome effects, while unpleasant, are rarely life threatening.
But many people with other life-threatening conditions have been healed with this easily collected source of stem cells.
Even when bottled water is safer to drink, campaigners say that the packaging is threatening environmental health.
The resulting atmosphere is deeply threatening to teachers and administrators.
The geologists, in turn, seemed irrelevant on this vast plateau under equally vast and threatening skies.
They described the problem as life-threatening and requiring regular doses of cortisone.
What is unsettling about this geopolitical map is that the fault it traces could be threatening the stability of all great powers.
And he ends by threatening martial law upon all future transgressors.
If discovered, the growths are removed or treatment is given before the cancer becomes life threatening.
By putting leaves between their lips, the apes apparently make themselves sound bigger and more threatening.
After all, genetic determinism is a lot less threatening when it is proposing theses which one finds appealing and praiseworthy.
Their bodies become riddled with the virus, their immune systems falter, and they are besieged by life-threatening infections.
The biggest reality of the world is the great monster now creeping up the tangled bank and threatening to devour it.
Whenever someone approached this super soldier in a threatening way, he reacted with extreme prejudice.
The new complications are threatening and promise little entertainment.
The show was about a mysterious evil monster running around town and threatening the freedom of the press.
These are people with life-threatening illnesses at high risk of suicide who have impaired functioning.
Minorities rarely pay a political price for threatening to filibuster.
The common soldier coming home from the wars was a threatening figure.
His building was one of three the snowstorm had undermined, the weight of the snow threatening the soundness of its foundation.
It seemed to extend without limit, as far as the after-horizon, where the sun was threatening to disappear.
There are reports of too-few tents, and as the weather gets colder, the lack of shelter becomes more and more threatening.
Gives examples of other invasive species threatening chestnut, ash, and sugar maple trees.
He kept his leg by threatening the surgeon with his father's pistol.
Some of them are threatening to join communes: places where they make their own clothing.
His voice carries an intimacy so false it seems a little threatening.
Over a matter of days, he was shocked to observe his condition become life-threatening.
Unless it's life-threatening, an emergency rarely lifts human beings above themselves.
Leaving options on the table is a not-so-oblique way of threatening war.
What connection there was between the two sides was threatening to snap.
They are re-proving it at the moment by again threatening a government shutdown, this time by holding disaster relief hostage.
However, the financial burden has shifted from bankrupting individuals to now threatening to bankrupt the state.
Plus her humility or modesty makes her less threatening.
Still, up close, such lack of restraint doesn't necessarily seem so threatening.
Collection agencies finally gave up on her and even stopped sending threatening letters.
Six people were taken to hospitals for treatment, but none of the injuries were life-threatening.
Instead of threatening to bolt the party, he embraces it.

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