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While wild chimps are officially endangered, captive chimps are only threatened.
It is responsible for enforcing the laws that protect our threatened fisheries and endangered marine mammals.
View the slide show of threatened species that have yet to make it onto the endangered species list.
Sandalwood is a threatened species and brazilwood is an endangered species.
Some species were believed to be endangered, others threatened.
The picture gets even grimmer when all mammals currently endangered or threatened are added to the count.
Paradoxically, both are threatened by the way technology has made that easier than ever before.
Tobacco companies are routinely threatened with every tax and sales restriction going, and are perennial fixtures on the list.
People should help species threatened by climate change move to new habitats, researchers argue in a new paper.
One fifth of the world's vertebrates are threatened with extinction.
One in five plants are threatened with extinction, according to a new study.
The area will no longer be available for recreation, the neighbors' view will be compromised, and property values are threatened.
The skirmish promptly threatened to become a full-scale trade war.
Vaccines being made to protect people from swine flu may not be so healthy for threatened species of sharks.
Here's a look at the forests and some of the animals that are now threatened by their rapid disappearance.
It is being largely threatened by changes in climatic conditions.
They live in remote, resource-rich areas, and are threatened by invasive development.
They insisted that the ban, which includes chewing tobacco as well as smoking, threatened their individual rights.
Officials have threatened any country that recognises the council with repercussions.
Alligators, which have been around since the age of dinosaurs, are now threatened.
They have blown up buildings, derailed foreign investment, and threatened the stability of the state.
But right at the point when opportunity is offered, it is being threatened by severe budget cuts in education and social services.
But they have always considered the two types to be members of the same threatened species.
Most significant, the cloud forests here are threatened by climate change.
The space station, threatened by a collision with a flying camera, is changing course.
The reversal followed news-media scrutiny and a threatened lawsuit over the university's right to shut down the paper.
In addition to poaching, the animals are threatened by loss of habitat.
Yesterday, it was the message that a fifth of plant species are threatened with extinction.
More than a few new gaming magazines have threatened to go to press in the coming year.
Global freshwater resources are threatened by rising demands from many quarters.
Bananas, cacao and bee-pollinated crops are all threatened with collapse in part because of their monoculture management.
Have your students explore ways that people can help protect threatened species.
Acolytes of the accused's powerful family bribed and threatened witnesses.
In related news, scientists recently reported that one in four mammal species are threatened with extinction.
Recognition of the ecological significance of truffles is aiding efforts to conserve threatened species that depend on them.
The euro zone is now threatened by a sovereign credit crunch nasty enough to plunge entire economies into misery.
In squid, color changes also occur when the animal is disturbed or feels threatened.
Nearly half a dozen government agencies and programs were threatened with reduction or elimination.
Not only did it make a mockery of free-software principles, but it threatened the community's common-defense strategy.
But fiscal austerity has threatened the ability of both to live up to those grandiose ambitions.
But the midyear cut has threatened to bring the freeze to an end.
What can be said, however, is that uncontacted people are threatened by disease and development.
Our lives are threatened ever more from the growing usage of plastic bags.
The ombudsman, who levelled the accusations against him, was herself threatened with arrest for alleged fraud.
Being placed before a great fire, and threatened to be thrown into it, yet he was not daunted.
Here he remained, living a prosperous and easy life, which was only once threatened by a slight incident.
The damage actually done was great, and the damage threatened was incalculable.
At one time in his life he had been threatened with paralysis and his left side remained somewhat weakened.
The army which proudly threatened you finds no remaining barrier of defense against your courage.
At last they made a great fire without the city, and threatened to cast her into it, if she did not utter certain impious words.
He was charged not to mention it, and threatened with dire punishment if he presumed to disobey.
Even the failures can not but be accounted useful and an immeasurable advance over threatened or actual warfare.
It has done bold and seasonable service in exposing frauds which threatened the commercial community.
She cried and was angry and threatened, but he only stared at her and went his own way.
The debate has grown so ugly that researchers say they are being threatened if they question evidence of an upsurge in autism.
They leave when they feel threatened, inadequate, and frustrated.
One participant in my study said that he was not invited to learn but threatened to learn.
Some observers are concerned, however, that the quality of distance-education programs might be threatened by so many part-timers.
Feeling threatened, book publishers are stepping up efforts to stop the online piracy.
At a certain point, you're no longer threatened by your inadequacies, but grateful to find people who can shore them up.
Such spaces and the ethos they try to foster, unfortunately, seem to be threatened.
The evidence becomes even more valuable when the species photographed is elusive, threatened or even previously unknown.
The public sector revenues are threatened by state budget cuts.
She has also threatened to impose a minimum wage on more industries where collective agreements are being side-stepped.
Thick clouds threatened to delay the launch, but they thinned out enough to satisfy mission controllers.
Reefs around the world are threatened by damage and disease.
The study intensifies conservationists' concerns for sharks and other threatened marine species.
Polar bears were recently added to the list of threatened species.
Little did they know that they were about to be threatened with fines, or even jail time, unless they abandoned their plans.
Staffers tried to stage two interventions and threatened and threatened to shut down his campaign.
He blustered, he threatened, he issued declarations and warnings.
It also threatened to complicate the challenge facing the region's policymakers as they seek to combat its escalating debt crisis.
The husband was often threatened by the dog and had been bitten several times.
The beast apparently uses them to emit flashes of bright blue-green light when threatened.
My guess is that undiscovered species probably have limited range and may also be threatened.
He's been smacked with celery and threatened with a knife.
Hundreds of millions of people could be threatened with hunger, water shortages, and severe economic deprivation.
But over the past several years, the patent system's high transaction costs have threatened to offset its benefits.
Efforts to create regional genetic databases of threatened animals could help wildlife experts protect them.
In the last few years, however, a number of new results have threatened to overturn this picture.
Then, the day before showtime, the equivalent of a sprained ankle before a marathon threatened us: clouds.
It's not enough for asylum applicants to say that they were threatened, or even beaten.
When he couldn't pay on time, they threatened to break his kneecaps.
Deadly viruses have always threatened humanity, but a virus can travel only as far as the cells it infects.
Even after forty-two thousand years, the animal's undeniable cuteness threatened one's scientific objectivity.
In fact, some companies threatened to withdraw their advertising from this magazine because it had published her work.
Legislators called for him to be fired and threatened to withhold basic funding.
Now their future is threatened by an invasion from another civilization acting in the name of profit.
Experts agree that the number of cloture motions correlates quite closely to the number of threatened filibusters.
When prison authorities learned of the book they threatened to revoke his parole, and he was forced to complete it in secret.
But parent groups organized rallies and threatened lawsuits, trying to block her appointment.
The family was too busy to be bothered with it when it first threatened.
And at times it threatened, and now threatens daily, to disappear altogether.
The only thing more violent than a grizzly with its prey is a grizzly who feels threatened.
She also claimed that he once threatened her with a nine-mm.
They suggested that he had made the tapes for extortionist purposes and had threatened their clients with them.
His father was the principal of an elementary school where a third-grader once threatened him with a knife.
They were threatened with excommunication and condemned as public sinners.
At long last, the government acknowledges the species is threatened.
Indeed, several other similar spiders are also threatened.
Primatologists devise ways for critically threatened monkeys to meet and mate.
It is normally sluggish but when threatened, it puts on a vivid display.
When threatened, they flatten their narrow heads into a triangle, mimicking the shape of their more dangerous cousins.
But it has suffered a series of crippling mishaps that have threatened the mission time and again with failure.
Another moral quirk is the tendency to value human lives less when more of them are threatened.
If they're exposed and threatened, running isn't an option.
Um, their shells are made of chitin, which is not at present thought to be directly threatened by ocean acidification.
She acted to protect those who helped her and was visibly sorry for those who died or were threatened at her expense.
At first, high-ranking individuals threatened low-ranking individuals to keep them away from the dispenser altogether.
When it's threatened, it defends itself with venom that can cause excruciating and unremitting pain.
Along with chytrid fungus and viruses, frogs are threatened in other ways.

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