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There's also the threat of pathogens that could thrive in crowded pens and escape to harm natural fish populations.
Scientists knew that turbines posed a threat to birds, but nobody had predicted they'd be such a problem for bats.
The threat to his life's work could hardly have come at a worse moment.
Not even the threat of a cholera outbreak slowed his pace.
The threat perception to self preservation is checked first and the rest are ordained stochastically as per their significance.
On the other side are those who argue for a civilian response to the threat, focussed on a wider use of encryption.
By a wide margin, the biggest threat to our nation's balance sheet is the skyrocketing cost of health care.
The prospect of radiation introduced a threat all its own, as invisible as the tsunami was vivid, and throbbing with history.
Even a short walk on the street held the threat of an ugly brawl.
Innocuous as this may seem, it is the only commandment that comes with an inducement instead of an implied threat.
But as soon as the animal senses he is under threat, he becomes hyper alert.
Climate change-today's big threat-seems to have had a long history of tormenting our species.
Of course he couldn't play a pivotal scene until his brother's gun was no longer a threat.
Such catastrophic flank failure, as geologists call it, is a potential threat around many island volcanoes worldwide.
Magpies favor one brain hemisphere depending on how they intend to approach a threat.
The science behind moving species under threat from climate change.
If one threat is removed they replace it with another no matter how remote the new threat may actually be.
Researchers call this a threat-it reminds participants of the stereotype.
The preponderance of evidence continues to indicate there is no threat.
As recently as a decade ago it was widely believed that infectious disease was no longer much of a threat in the developed world.
Crime statistics are at a all time high, and global warming is a real threat.
Awareness of the threat this fault poses seems to be increasing.
The two-genome waltz: how the threat of mismatched partners shapes complex.
They can be a threat to birds, but are not typically dangerous to humans.
But he simultaneously ordered the destruction of any literature that he felt could be a threat to his power.
Chlorine-bearing compounds present yet another threat to the fragile ozone layer-a noxious brew all around.
Researchers also use the application to display the movement of volcanic ash clouds, which can pose a serious threat to airplanes.
Their deadly appearances have led to immense revenue losses for the fishing industry and posed a threat to human health.
Certainly some marine mammals seem able to tell which orcas are a threat.
They found that octopuses confronted with the same threat alerts and food stimuli react in different ways.
New attacks highlight the growing threat to smart phones.
As mobile phones get more powerful, the threat of serious attacks against such devices increases, security experts warn.
The author only fleetingly mentions the viral threat.
If a significant threat arises, it's usually possible to move a satellite out of the way.
Unfortunately, with the new designs using wireless sensors, security becomes a potential threat.
Corruption is rampant and the central government is only keeping things moving by threat of prison and firing squad.
So now the oil companies secret has become a direct threat to public safety.
So the threat of going to prison is not much of a deterrent as in other countries.
Reprocessing is a security and environmental threat far in excess of this alternative.
And now in the digital age of publishing, the camera is perceived by some as a violation of privacy and even a potential threat.
The first is the idea that somehow computer achievements pose some sort of threat or challenge to human beings.
In some parts of the world unregulated offshore oil-and-gas exploration is seen as a potential threat to whales.
The problem comes because a new and uncertain threat has provided cover for legitimate and opportunistic measures alike.
The world he has encroached upon is defined by the ability to run and the adrenaline-rush threat of capture.

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