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Example sentences for threads

Then it threads its proboscis into a vein in the gills and sucks the shark's blood.
Furthermore all the vibrios, which crowded the liquid as motile threads, are destroyed and disappear.
Dancers perform on the show and show off some bold threads.
When the syrup is dripped from a spoon it will have the thickness of about two threads.
We listened as they wove threads of a sustainable future with the threats of impeding mega tanker traffic.
Steve courageously exposes his life to us, allowing us to experience the intimate threads of our own.
It would be big progress if comments on these threads were authoritative.
Some of them hear these small threads of pseudo-fact and distrust science that has been proven for years.
One of us may persuade others, some not even participating, and the ideas propagate outwards to other threads on other topics.
As you can see by all these threads, religion is different to any and all who believe.
In this project the object is a window into other narrative threads.
Different as the three countries are, there are common threads to their political difficulties.
First are a few simple features-such as watermarks and security threads-that are relatively easy for the general public to spot.
Even more suspicious that these posters appear on the same threads time after time and continually agree with each other.
Threads of plots, no matter how complicated or absurd, were never dropped.
The threads determine the strength and durability of the screw, as well as ease of production.
To create a pattern, a drawboy would sit inside a loom and move the threads according to the directions of the weaver.
The iPod plugs into one end and the headphone cable threads around the loop to exit at the other end.
Turns out some extra threads in the bolt holes were keeping the coupler from tightening.
It knows which email lists people are on, and even which email threads they participated in.
Each creative nudge to the conversation expands it, with threads spiraling off in unforeseen directions.
The author weaves his threads together for a purpose.
There are so many threads already about health issues.
Also, there have been a couple threads about this recently.
Profile pictures will be bigger, giving conversation threads a visually dynamic social media vibe.
The threads descend into tastelessness more often than not.
Science is a tapestry, a vast complex fabric interwoven with countless threads.
Each of those threads is amazing, each important, and each leads to another.
Eventually, we'll develop an ongoing conversation that will evolve over several threads.
By getting better data and more support more more different threads of evidence.
And before the picture is ended and before the race is run, the threads of their destinies ravel and unravel surprisingly.
But there are lovely little threads in the strange fabric.
As with any bulletin board, anonymous users start threads on myriad subjects and post comments.
Some boys were so small they had to climb up on the spinning frame to mend the broken threads and put back the empty bobbins.

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