thrashing in a sentence

Example sentences for thrashing

The whale was there, a thrashing ton of panic amid the swells.
Thrashing wind and waves had exposed boulders on her property with mysterious markings.
Contestants tended to eye the barrier respectfully: the punishment for false starts was a thrashing from official whip bearers.
It would probably require years of thrashing around before it became of quality acceptable for consistent use.
He would chase after them and give anyone he caught a sound thrashing with a stick.
They find the buck in a backwater slough thrashing around in six feet of water, having broken through the ice.
The snake does not notice the escaping gecko as it eats the thrashing tail.
These skate boarding shoes are ideal for thrashing park benches and will keep you rolling in style.
The low-profile beanie styling fits under a helmet and stays put when you're thrashing up chimneys.
These skateboarding shoes are well suited for thrashing park benches and will keep you comfortable.
These skate boarding shoes are ideal for thrashing park benches and are sure to keep you comfortable.
They hooked the shark, but it fought back every step of the way, thrashing and kicking.
When a hen salmon finally gets home, she begins digging a nest in the riverbed, thrashing with her whole body to make a hollow.
Its mad thrashing is really its way of turning its ignition and steering.
Farther along, an underwater view shows otters thrashing up bubbles with their thick tails.
It's always there in my pocket, there's no thrashing about, scrambling for the right color.
He used the informal tu-which usually meant you were about to get a good thrashing.
She was thrashing about and had to be sedated before being removed from the car.
Fans switch off if they think the game is heading for stalemate, or if one team is thrashing the other.
It sounds dangerous-and it is-but thrashing out political arguments is an essential part of bringing the crisis to an end.
Under the strobe lights his thrashing movements could be mistaken for enthusiastic dancing.
If fishing from a boat, try to prevent the fish from banging against the side or thrashing around the deck.

Famous quotes containing the word thrashing

[Oliver North is a] document-shredding, Constitution-trashing, Commander in Chief-bashing, Congress-thrashingmore
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