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Example sentences for thousandth

The guest star was a supernova, a star that had run out of fuel and then collapsed in on itself in a thousandth of a second.
The diameter of the individuals was found to be one one-thousandth of a millimeter.
Each cell measures about one-ten-thousandth of a millimeter wide.
The telescope recently recorded its ten-thousandth unique observation.
In order to make a second or a thousandth wax facsimile, wax sheets can be pressed against the nickel die.
Going to a grocery store for the hundredth or thousandth time is a pretty humdrum experience.
The current then decreases in around a thousandth of a second unless it's what's known as a continuing current.
The resultant exposure time should be in the range of one two-hundred-and-fiftieth to one two-thousandth of a second.
The heat capacity of the atmosphere is only one-thousandth the heat of the oceans.
Even the zaddikim, the righteous sages, did not understand a thousandth part of it.
One-thousandth of a curie is what would be used in a liver scan.
Times are measured to the thousandth of a second, so even small changes in drag can make a big difference in results.
But one-thousandth of a second isn't fast enough on a moving surface with lots of hills and valleys.
Anything you can sketch onscreen, the cutters can create, with tolerances as fine as one-thousandth of an inch.
But the weaving of these yarns, which may be only one-thousandth of a millimetre thick, is complicated and expensive.
In an ordinary conversation, that temperature change is a mere ten-thousandth of a degree.
Cellphones emit only tiny amounts of radiation-about one-thousandth of the amount emitted by microwave ovens.
It boasts one-thousandth of a second precision, normally seen only in larger quartz clocks.
The invader is tiny, about one sixteen-thousandth the size of the head of a pin.
Friends, even the patient ones, can get fed up after your thousandth phone call whimpering about your breakup.
As sunlight strikes these particles, which are only a thousandth of an inch or so across, it slows them down.
Such star material has a density of less than one ten-thousandth the density of ordinary air.
If one thousandth of that is transferred to your hand, you'd still lose the hand.
Tolerances in turbine engine components are critical, making it necessary to measure within a ten-thousandth of an inch.
They last less than a thousandth of a second, and occur above areas of active cloud to ground lightning.
The last stage of rolling reduces the foil's thickness to a thousandth of an inch or even thinner.

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