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Every one of these thousands of books was marked with its lowest price and numbered according to a printed catalogue.
The primary author index encourages tracing the evolution of quotations over time via thousands of hyperlinked footnotes.
Tens of thousands have died in the ethnic conflict that continues to fester.
They were as much excited, however, as if they had been staking thousands.
There were hundreds and perhaps thousands of such practically independent brigand rulers.
Of their thousands of pupils scarce a handful come to school.
Language is itself the collective art of expression, a summary of thousands upon thousands of individual intuitions.
Named varieties, many of them magnificent in bouquets, number in the tens of thousands.
T here are hundreds of species and thousands of varieties of rhododendrons.
The combined street value of the bottles currently in this room runs into the tens of thousands.
Otherwise, you could end up paying many thousands of dollars to replace trees that are injured or killed.
The national park has thousands of ancient archaeological sites.
The lumbering beasts coexisted with the first humans for tens of thousands of years and then died off.
Humans have marked their bodies with tattoos for thousands of years.
He doesn't count all the names there are for chemicals, because there are hundreds of thousands.
Deaths are estimated in the hundreds, casualties in the thousands.
Visitors also see thousands of tulips, violas and other flowers.
He championed a cancer drug that has saved thousands of lives since its debut ten years ago this month.
Common gene sequences have been around for thousands of generations.
The endeavor surprised music lovers and raised thousands of dollars.
They've been a tradition across the world for thousands of years as a form of storytelling.
The salaries are reported in thousands of dollars and are rounded to the nearest hundred.
Proposed cuts in an appropriation for teaching hospitals could result in thousands of fewer doctors being trained each year.
Reintroduce yourself to hundreds of thousands of key players in higher education.
Without a trace, something is causing bees to vanish by the thousands.
Permafrost is basically dirt that's been permanently frozen for hundreds or thousands of years, much of it since the last ice age.
Prospects for more digs at the thousands of unexplored sites seem daunting.
These biogas cars aren't on the road yet, but thousands of other food-recycling vehicles are.
Long-distance magma flow triggered thousands of earthquakes.
For half a century, lithium salts have saved thousands from the potentially lethal grip of bipolar disorder.
Many such clusters, containing hundreds or thousands of stars each, have been observed.
The experts and volunteers sorted through thousands of moths and butterflies to search for new and rare species.
Thousands of health and medical apps can be had for a minute or less of download time, and sometimes a dollar or two.
Their hours are long, their wages low, and many have debts from their schooling amounting to tens of thousands of dollars.
The fees for this advice are no fairy tale-some play out to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Imaging scans would reveal the additional blood flow and electrical activity as thousands of neurons flare in response.
We thereby accelerated the erasure of entire ecosystems and the extinction of thousands of million-year-old species.
These cylindrical cells are widely used as the rechargeable batteries in thousands of consumer products.
But that means production runs of a few thousand, not the tens or hundreds of thousands a central plant prints.
Putting it into practice will require thousands more pages of legislation.
Tens of thousands of pensioners will lose health-care benefits.
Hospitals are working, though not before thousands of survivors died of their injuries.
These include a wide range of activity, from quiet sit-ins by a handful of people to all-in riots involving thousands.
But the tens of thousands of premature deaths predicted by some-and expected by many of those exposed-have failed to materialise.
Thousands were able to flee while the eruption was in progress, and their footprints were pressed into the ash as they went.
Or it may be that thousands of small mutations disrupt body and brain in different ways in different populations.
These days, supermarkets stock tens of thousands of different products.
Some economists calculated that hundreds of thousands of people might be put out of work.
Thousands have joined torchlight vigils in her memory.
He is one of the thousands of artists who have recently done so.
In fact, people have been feasting on these birds for thousands of years.
Hundreds of dollars a month, thousands of dollars a year.
The night blazes with thousands of stars tangled into every tree.
But from your perspective there's another layer, which is that you get to see thousands of entries.
The huge storeroom contains thousands of rolls of leather.
Thousands of questionnaires were sent to managers across the country.
He became more involved in real estate, making tens of thousands of dollars.
He was not above buying influence, nor was he above evicting tens of thousands of poor people to develop his visions.
So far, thousands of people have worked on the huge concrete structure, which stretches about a mile and a half across the river.
Universities have to pay thousands of dollars every year to read their own research.
In the past two decades, thousands of computers have been applied successfully in various industries.
Tens of thousands of people were killed by the falling volcanic ash and fumes and by the rash of tsunamis that ensued.
Freedom of that sort was worth thousands of cigarettes.
For thousands of years human beings have been attempting to increase or decrease their fertility.
In the cities, thousands of houses had no functioning water supply.
He carried a stick about six feet long covered with notches, thousands of them.
The war has produced thousands of orphans, many of whom have seen their parents die.
They match accurately with thousands of other details of narratives which have never been publicized.
The exhilarating part was meeting thousands of teachers and hearing their appreciation for my support of their work.
New technologies will soon make it possible to sequence thousands of human genomes.
Biotech drugs can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.
Each fiber in the image represents hundreds to thousands of fibers in the brain, each traveling along the same path.
Efforts are also under way to identify the thousands-and potentially millions-of proteins encoded by those genes.
Successfully removing one involves thousands of dollars in laser surgery, often with multiple procedures.
Thousands of hours are wasted every year waiting for computers to boot up.
But its cycle life will need to be improved, as vehicle breaking systems need to be recharged hundreds of thousands of times.
In the following three years, the company manufactured and installed thousands of solar panels using the technology for testing.
The idea that pure water could be made from seawater has been tantalizing thirsty humans for hundreds, if not thousands, of years.
The storm killed thousands, but better preparedness kept the toll down.
Better body armor and trauma care mean new life for thousands of soldiers who would have died in any earlier war.
Most groundwater nestles in underground pores in rock layers that may be thousands of feet thick.
Thousands of onlookers watched as the ship lowered its single square sail and its oars dipped into the water.
It could happen tomorrow, or it might not come in for thousands of years.
The island is home to hundreds of thousands of penguins, albatrosses, and fur seals.
Thousands of papers get published every week, but every now and then a truly strange one pops up.
Moreover, spores can withstand extreme heat and dryness, remaining viable for thousands of years.
In contrast, flow batteries can be charged and discharged many thousands of times.
Our fascination with pearls is thousands of years old-no other gem has been so loved, for so long, by so many.
And they're going in, as the animals are giving birth, and shooting them by the thousands.
Even at three in the morning, thousands of travelers wander around, lattes in hand.
The luxury and semi-luxury industries had laid off thousands of workers.
The clearing of hundreds of thousands of acres and hundreds of millions of trees.
The steep and rapid climb into the tens of thousands was incited.
It was photographed from high above the square and shows thousands of people.
Thousands upon thousands of cranes create a winter wildlife spectacle.

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