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Several thousand of the best job opportunities in the academic world, updated daily.
Two thousand years ago, it was the capital of a powerful trading empire.
Ten thousand years ago hunters and gatherers ate bugs to survive.
The city was burned, the inhabitants killed or exiled, and much of the heritage of the past thousand years was lost.
Devices which are both, such as oscillating tubes, can set you back several thousand dollars.
Some scientists think fewer than a thousand individuals may remain.
And it was even more dangerous a thousand years ago.
Football games with a hundred thousand fans in the stands.
It's true that pictures can be worth a thousand words.
If a picture is worth a thousand words, it's also sometimes worth a few words of explanation.
Estimates suggest that several thousand people worldwide wish to get rid of a normal healthy limb.
But the formula for deep ocean blue is rare, occurring in only one out of every several hundred thousand diamonds.
There are said to be several thousand living on the streets around there.
The list runs from conflicts that claimed a thousand or so lives to the devastation of the two world wars.
From her there were directly descended one thousand two hundred persons.
Online advertisers pay the host site a rate based on every thousand times its ad is seen.
Losing a few thousand is nothing in this market, but it depends on where you are located.
But first they must pay a few thousand dollars-to cover expenses, you understand.
Total travel time to our planet: a mere hundred thousand years.
In essence, a picture might be worth more than a thousand milligrams.
The manufacturers claim to have studied well over ten thousand players at various levels.
Only one in a thousand is educated beyond the secondary stage.
The site was near the submerged ancient coastline, flooded several thousand years ago.
Their stench has been compared to the scent of a thousand dead elephants rotting in the sun.
Today, one in every thousand bits stored in a flash memory comes out wrong when the memory is read.
The clank, whirr and whine of a thousand robots cutting metal, injecting plastic and emptying moulds is no more.
The country has more than a thousand ancient tribes.
You've practiced your big presentation a thousand times.
Persians brought the game here a thousand years ago, and it has been favored by prince and peasant ever since.
Given the fluctuation of sea levels in the past few hundred thousand years, that is no surprise.
The cistern was built more than a thousand years ago with pieces of already-ancient temples and churches.
For a couple of thousand years, smokers have sought a quick concentration boost by firing up a cigarette.
And a few thousand bankers and traders who were raised to be irresponsible.
It was dawn, and the trees were erupting with the songs of a thousand birds.
Every year they bring in a thousand or so bands who are looking to get heard.
Eighty thousand copies of the novel sold in the two countries.
Companies dissolve into a thousand small initiatives rather than focusing on a few big problems.
Melting glaciers are revealing human artifacts of a few thousand years ago.
There are a thousand questions about how to prevent collusion and other sorts of price manipulation.
Well, the last few thousand generations survived it.
However there is one chance in ten thousand that anyone catches you.
It only needs to be a few thousand dollars, but in the next six years, you will have an emergency.
Expect to be asked about a thousand times what your research interests are.
Absolutely nothing compared to the thousand squirrel raids that the previous feeder had to endure.
Granted that was only a thousand to seventeen hundred years ago.
Forty thousand pounds of silver encrusted the sanctuary.
More than that can not get any were proposed over a thousand years.
The factory now turns out a thousand pairs of shoes a day.
Peasants began flocking to cities a thousand years ago.
For a thousand leagues have nearly the same effect with a thousand years.
There are in a pound upwards of four thousand pins of a middling size.
Those ten persons, therefore, could make among them upwards of forty-eight thousand pins in a day.
People have used tobacco for well over a thousand years.
That's the conclusion of scientists who discovered evidence of the grain sorghum on hundred-thousand-year-old stone tools.
But the scientists had to create wires a thousand times longer.
Often more than a thousand times that amount is left on surfaces.
Today's cultivated varieties serve up tomatoes that are a thousand times larger.
Now you can buy one for under a thousand with many orders of magnitude more power than those early machines.
The world population was probably ten thousand or so.
Only the last ten thousand years have seen the human cultivation, cooking and consumption of grains.
Only they often take a few thousand years, presumably.
Large communities of microscopic animals have even been discovered more than one thousand meters beneath the seafloor.
If a picture is worth a thousand words, digital satellite imagery could inspire tomes' worth of new environmental policies.
When the ocean receded entire communities had disappeared and tens of thousand people were dead.
They aren't often seen, though, because they are bottom dwellers living at depths beyond a thousand feet.
Researchers think the crater formed within the past couple thousand years.
Today only a thousand foreigners a year are allowed into the region.
Supergiants may have radii a thousand times larger than that of our own sun.
The site now houses a sprawling camp of several thousand, with free-food stands and a barber doing a busy trade.
Local media reported that eighty thousand people visited one of its wetland reserves in a single day.
The tax was largely symbolic, levied at low rates on a few thousand homes in each city.
In order to maintain a managed exchange-rate regime, overnight interest rates had soared to several thousand per cent.
Outside, a few thousand supporters were pushed around by riot police, but this was a poor echo of the crowd seven years ago.
One travel agent says he has sold more than a thousand wedding packages since he began offering the service three years ago.
It shows that even after several hundred thousand years of separation, the two species were interfertile.
Diabetes contributes to several hundred thousand deaths each year.
Three thousand lines of code, approximately, were stolen.
The district, a little island of everywhere afloat in a thousand-year-old city, ends a few blocks away.
It took about five seconds to set up a profile, and then it was time to start looking at a thousand of my closest friends.
It effectively amplifies the available light several thousand times, giving you a green-hued window into the night.
Most have settled out of court for a few thousand dollars.
But today it's clear that was cover for the thousand small cuts the budget contains.
When all was said and done, a thousand instruments were set up.
More than four thousand mining tunnels have so thoroughly riddled its interior that the mountain is in danger of collapse.
Divided by four, it would come out to seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars for each of them.
Some seventy thousand students eventually took part.
By the next day, the haul was up to thirty thousand.
We now have treatments for nearly all of the tens of thousand of diagnoses and conditions that afflict human beings.
Three weeks earlier a monsoon destroyed several thousand unfired bricks that had been left drying on factory grounds.
The buyers are people who can contribute amounts ranging from a few dollars to a few thousand dollars.
The village of several thousand people had two streets.
Ten thousand years or so after the first humans built sailing ships for trade, the coast still matters immensely.
To begin this hazardous adventure he asked for but eight hundred dollars, and would think himself rich with a thousand.
Steep mountains, some rising two thousand meters, make up more than half the land.
That's actually one of the best-turned lines in the whole thousand pages.
Suddenly there were a thousand people in the street, and the police had to come and control the crowd.
When it came to higher mathematics, he might have been one in a hundred thousand students or better.
They pleaded guilty as combatants and were each fined several thousand dollars.
The glue not only works well on wet surfaces, but it can also be pulled off and reused more than a thousand times.
It relies on low-power magnets and costs only a few thousand dollars.
Pretty soon, about ten thousand people every day were stopping by.
Colin's riposte was always the same: for ten thousand dollars, they could have their floor-cleaning robot tomorrow.
Contributors tap in about a thousand new entries every month, on topics ranging from comets to poker.
And so on, realized in the thousand startup imitators of these two sites.
In the long term over a few thousand years, it all gets released.
If it's orbit is stable, it will return in a few hundred years essentially undisturbed, or even a couple thousand years later.
The answer is beneath their feet about a few thousand feet down.
Now think about one thousand times that much energy.
Each crystal has more than a thousand small thermometers on one side and electrodes on the other.
Hair sets us apart from plants and mushrooms and reptiles, but several thousand other mammals are hairy, too.
Perhaps a commercial outfit could be persuaded to take core samples down several thousand feet, to the crater floor.
She had relived that day in her mind a thousand times.
There are knots and clumps of gas, and astronomers have judged their ages to be around a thousand years.
And for this mediocre copy, you'll pay a thousand dollars.
Five to three thousand years ago cuneiform was state of the art.
The leader of the pod catches the telltale speckled light of armored squid, moving in an immense shoal a thousand strong.
Understanding spoken language, another ten thousand to a million times.
And this is how ten thousand more words are demanded and one thousand must suffice.
He had come in his official car, and he forked over about five thousand euros for the night of fun.
Once in the park, enfolded in those several thousand happy people, there was the dancing.
The managers estimated the risk to be of the order of one disaster in a hundred thousand missions.
The difference, a factor of a thousand between the two estimates, was never reconciled and never openly discussed.
The composer and the reader of the message had code books listing the message codes for eight thousand phrases and names.
When he had finished reading these words the audience of about a thousand people interrupted with applause.
At the entrance gate, a couple thousand people were already waiting.
After more than two thousand years his words still have not the slightest power to console us.
More than five thousand trees were felled, and thousands more were damaged.
The estimates of fatal casualties go from several hundred thousand to over one million.
Well, your medical bill will cost ten thousand meals.
Sometimes there were only a few dozen, sometimes a few thousand.

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